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Natural cosmetics - be picky when choosing skincare products

It Absorbs! Your skin is like your second mouth, so choose natural cosmetics

Ever since we know that our skin absorbs whatever we put on it, the importance of nourishing and nurturing the skin has become a paramount factor in the cosmetics industry. Users are becoming more and more aware that not every product that comes to hand is suitable for use because by applying them our body absorbs or consumes many unnecessary and potentially harmful substances. Up to 60 percent of these products end up in our blood, liver, kidneys and other organs. This is why being picky and choosing natural cosmetics is so important!

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Do I have to deal with the choice of ingredients?

We usually delve into the ingredients when we encounter problems. When skin becomes sensitive or shows its dissatisfaction. Very often, awareness of choosing “pure” cosmetics is born along with the birth of our children. The delicate skin of toddlers is even more sensitive and it is important to choose the ingredients carefully.


Which skincare ingredients to avoid?

While the infamous parabens are a real rarity, we can still find petroleum derivate, silicones, synthetic fragrances, dyes and similar ingredients in our products, which are of little use to our skin or may even harm it. The most common ingredients are:


Petroleum products did not enter cosmetics until the last century, but they have become very entrenched. They have enormous advantages over vegetable oils, as they always give the same results, have no odour, no colour, do not become rancid and do not trigger allergic reactions. In short, they are a simple and from the manufacturer's point of view, an extremely safe and stable ingredient. Among them, kerosene and vaseline are especially well known.

Their property is to make a layer on the skin that prevents which prevents dehydration and evaporation of moisture. However, our skin does not recognize this layer, so it is not able to absorb it, but remains only on the epidermis. The big minus of petroleum products is that they seal our skin (as if we were wrapping it in a plastic bag) without feeding it. On the long run, therefore, vegetable oils are a significantly better choice.


They have a similar effect on the skin as petroleum products and are foreign to our skin. Manufacturers place them in their formulations mainly because of their effect. In fact, rather a deceptive feeling of softness and smoothness created by the layer of silicones on the skin and hair. They are recognized by the suffixes -thicone (eg Dimethicone).


Added mostly just for better user experience. Which means that the products are additionally scented and coloured simply so that the product is attractive to as many users as possible in terms of fragrance and appearance of the content. At this point, it is good to ask, does this have any benefit for our skin? Even the use of certain essential oils can cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation in an individual.

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At Hemptouch, we believe in natural care

Natural cosmetics do not contain any substances that would further burden our skin and body. The mission of Hemptouch products is to help the skin balance itself with natural ingredients in all its vital functions. Natural ingredients wake up the skin and activate it so that it regains its balance. When switching from synthetic to natural ingredients, it often happens that the skin starts to "resist". This may manifest as a temporary worsening of the condition. However, it usually takes about two weeks for the skin to adapt to the changes and start doing its job again.


Natural cosmetics is effective

At Hemptouch, we are especially meticulous when it comes to choosing ingredients. We swear only by the natural and reject synthetic ingredients. When formulating products, we especially focus on the needs of the most delicate skin, so you will never find unnecessary preservatives, silicones, artificial fragrances, dyes, and similar ingredients in our products, which would further burden the skin. The skin gratefully accepts the natural formulations and the best part… the results are visible! We are most happy to see that the products work and the message sent to us by Mrs Mojca made us so happy that we have to share it with you.


"Thank you for trying and making such quality products with the sensitive skin of children and adults in mind."


Hello! I do not know if I'm writing in the right place, but I want to write how glad I am to have learned about your products. I am the mother of a five-month-old girl diagnosed with atopic dermatitis by a paediatrician at four months. Within a month, the condition of my daughter’s skin had deteriorated greatly and we tried quite a few creams, but there was no improvement. Then we came across your company and products through a relative.

We are very glad that you offer samples of product so we do not have to waste too much money because you never know how sensitive baby skin responds to creams.

We tested all three products for atopic dermatitisPristine Body Lotion, Therapeutic CBD balm and Soothing CBD balm. In a few days, together with the zinc cream, we noticed an immediate improvement in very red and visible spots. Above all, we had problems with the neck since the daughter is not yet holding her head upright and she was sweating there the most. Now, with your help, we are also treating other parts of the body, and we have already ordered the Therapeutic CBD balm, which suits us best.

Thank you for trying and making such quality products with the sensitive skin of children and adults in mind. I wish you a lot of creativity and success.
Mojca V.

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