Natural solutions for summer skin problems

Jul 17 2018

The season of sun, picnics, summer playfulness, long evenings, searching for a refreshing spot nearby and last but not least, the time we can all take a well-deserved break either at the seaside or in the mountains is finally here. Time seems to pass a little differently in the summer; everything calls for good company, spending your time in nature and brings with it all-encompassing optimism. Summertime is also the time when our skin is most in touch with nature. Our skin seems to greedily drink in the summer sunshine and stock up on vitamin D for the coming months....

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Adult acne - how does CBD oil help?

Jun 19 2018

Our body is exposed to countless external factors every day, and not all of them are kind to it or beneficial. When our organism becomes imbalanced, the feedback it sends about the issue can quickly display on our skin. It is commonly said that our outer appearance is the reflection of our inner health. Acne in adults is most commonly a result of hormonal imbalance, stress, an unhealthy diet and inappropriate skin care. In adulthood, acne most commonly appears on the chin, the jawline and around our neck. It is caused by the increased secretion of sebum and the Propionibacterium...

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Interview: CBD balm – finally a solution for my acne prone skin

Jun 04 2018

About a week ago we received an email from Karin, a kind lady that works at a small cosmetic shop in London. Her son is struggling with severe acne for several years now and it seems he finally found something that worked.  Read more about her experience in the interview below. INTERVIEW: CBD BALM SAVED MY SON'S ACNE PRONE SKIN Greetings Karin, first thank you very much for agreeing to take part in an interview. We were delighted to get your message, which provided us with additional confirmation of our belief that through the use of nature we can successfully...

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CBD balm for Mosquito Bites?

May 14 2018

The list of positive effects of CBD cannabinoids grows longer by the day. By applying CBD resin or drops under the skin, you will more successfully alleviate problems with insomnia, stress and chronic illnesses. When CBD is applied to the skin, it gets to work by focusing on balance, promotes cellular communication and soothes inflammatory processes. It is this latter activity that is important when talking about CBD cannabinoids and insect bites. Why do mosquitoes bite? Today it is relatively well known that it is only female mosquitoes that bite. They bite in order to be able to suck our...

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Everything you need to know about CBD oil

May 09 2018

Everything you need to know about CBD oil CBD oil has taken the world by storm. This natural active substance is used to relieve chronic pain, improve sleep and has proven excellent in the fight against depression and anxiety. It is also highly effective when dealing with skin problems and autoimmune diseases. The number of regular users of CBD oil is rising rapidly. The article below provides a closer look at how CBD oil is obtained, what it contains, why it is so effective, and in what ways we can consume it. Where does CBD oil come from and what methods are used...

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May 04 2018

Skin is our largest organ; it is our shield from the outside world, sensations and, last but not least, it is what gives us our appearance. We pay special attention to our skin, look after it, nourish it and protect it, and we think that we know it well. Among other things, a lot of us believe that acids are damaging to our skin, since they are too aggressive and they destroy its natural balance. In this blog we will write a few old truths and elevate acids to a place where they belong. Healthy skin is acidic In its...

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Interview: By using Cannabis Sativa, my skin finally feels better

Apr 12 2018

Hemp is nature's best master of equilibrium. Hemp oil is rich in a perfect ratio of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, whilst CBD resin restores balance in the endocannabinoid system in the skin. The result is healthy and beautiful skin that is nourished and clean. A few days ago we received a message from a customer, who for years has been battling with extremely sensitive combination skin, with frequent outbreaks of pimples. After years of trying various types of creams and skincare products, Bianka discovered hemp. In her message, she wrote that she had finally found a product which...

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CBD oil for sleep and insomnia

Mar 20 2018

The night has its power. Quality sleep fills us with fresh energy, rejuvenates tired cells, smooths our wrinkles, sorts our various memories into special compartments, and helps us to take a fresh look at long-standing problems. Quality sleep is, without doubt, one of the most important factors of a healthy body and soul. But what happens when sleep eludes us? Or if sleep comes and goes as frequently as the timetable of London's underground trains? Good sleep eludes almost half of adults The majority of adults have experienced problems with sleep at some point in their life. It is estimated...

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3 must have herbal remedies for atopic dermatitis (eczema)

Jan 30 2018

Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common skin conditions and often occurs in early childhood – it affects over 10% of babies and children. Typical signs of atopic dermatitis are red rashes, extremely dry patches, itching, and inflammation of the skin. Atopic dermatitis most often breaks out during winter when our skin is exposed to great temperature differences. In periods of an outbreak of atopic dermatitis, it is important to provide skin with a lot of moisture and adequate protection that will help to ensure that its valuable moisture is not lost. Your skin will also be extremely grateful...

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The 6 Most Common Ways to Use CBD Oil

Jan 16 2018

CBD oil is gaining favour by the day among the alternative approaches for alleviating various illnesses and skin problems. However, despite its ever increasing recognition and use, CBD is a relatively new substance and there is still a lot of ambiguity regarding its use and application. Below we have chosen six of the most common ways to use CBD oil, which vary according to their ease of use, purpose for use, and the effect that individual users want to achieve. 1. ABSORPTION THROUGH THE MUCOUS MEMBRANE (under the tongue) Absorption of CBD through the mucous membrane is among the most...

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