Interview: CBD balm – finally a solution for my acne prone skin

Jun 04 2018

About a week ago we received an email from Karin, a kind lady that works at a small cosmetic shop in London. Her son is struggling with severe acne for several years now and it seems he finally found something that worked. 

Read more about her experience in the interview below.


Greetings Karin, first thank you very much for agreeing to take part in an interview. We were delighted to get your message, which provided us with additional confirmation of our belief that through the use of nature we can successfully alleviate skin problems.

How did you first find out about our products?

I heard about Hemptouch for the first time when I started working with Natural Health. During a staff training with Hemptouch I found out more about your facial treatment range.

What kind of skin problems does your son have?

I was particularly interested in the products formulated for problem skin as my 17year old son suffers from areas of black spots and inflammation on his forehead, nose and cheeks. The black spots are very persistent, and the inflammation can be quite painful at some time.

Has your son ever visited a specialist dermatologist due to problems with acne and impure skin?

Yes. He has been prescribed a very strong gel by his GP which consists of clindamycin and peroxide. This is so strong, and I am not feeling comfortable having him use it.

CBD for acne
Due to its ability to reduce the excretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands, CBD is an excellent ally in the battle against acne and impure skin.

You advised your son to try Hemptouch Ointment for problem skin which contains a high level of CBD oil. Did you noticed any changes after using CBD ointment and what changes were noticeable?

After I had given the Ointment for problem skin to him, we noticed an incredible improvement in his skin. The inflammation went down, and even the areas of black spots seem to have gone down a bit. I was so surprised as he had only been using it for two days at the time. He then started using the calming face cream in the morning, and the ointment at night. The structure of his skin is improving, and the inflammation is also being reduced. We haven’t noticed any side effects when using Hemptouch so far.

Did the ointment have any negative side effects?

We haven’t noticed any side effects when using Hemptouch so far.

Can you tell us about your son's daily skincare routine?

Other than washing his face in the morning and before going to bed he does not apply any other products to his skin.

What would you advise people who have problems with acne and oily and impure skin?

After I had seen such great results in my son I passed on this experience to customers when they asked for advice with skin problems of the same kind.

Due to your profession, you are in contact with people that have skin problems on a daily basis. Following your son's positive experience of using our products, have you also advised your own customers about our products, and if so, can you tell us about their experience?

A young woman in her twenties who suffered badly from acne all over her face tried the ointment for a week. She then returned to the shop and looked significantly better. She told me that she had been on oral anti-acne drugs and that she stopped taking them for the first time in months after seeing positive changes in her skin structure. She also has now started using the calming day cream for day use, and is carrying on with the ointment at night.

Thank you very much for agreeing to be interviewed and for the faith you have placed in our products.

Products presented in the interview:


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