Mar 22 2017

The tattoo is not just a popular fashion accessory. In the early days of healing it is also a wound. We must take care of it properly and professionally to avoid infection and make sure that the colors of the tattoo remain fresh and permanent. Proper care of tattoos is 70% of the work.


When the tattoo is fresh we must take care of it. Healing can take place from two to three weeks, depending on the type of skin, and it is necessary to avoid the sun’s rays, salt water and saunas at this time. When doing sports activities we should not sweat too much and not irritate it. It is necessary to wash the tattoo with soap and warm water, and then we must wipe it gently with a towel. We must be especially careful when a tattoo starts to heal and begins to "flake". We should not remove the scabs by ourselves by force, but wait for them to fall off on their own. The tattoo must be cleaned two to three times a day and we should spread oily cream on it. We recommend taking care of a tattoo with mild antiseptic ointment for the first 7 days. Hemptouch Hemp ointment gives the tattooed skin essential fats which are needed to maintain the elasticity of scabs. Without regular care a scab will fall off, the pigment will have greater difficulty in gripping and consequently the color intensity will fall.


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