Mar 22 2017

Haemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in or around the anus  and rectum. The haemorrhoidal veins are located in the lowest part of the rectum and anus. They are classified in two general categories: internal (inheritated and painless) and external (which we can gain later and are very disturbing).


Symptoms and problems, which are caused by haemorrhoids are:

  • itching or irritation in the anal area,
  • bleeding,
  • burning feel on the skin,
  • painful excretion of feces,
  • feeling of a full colon,
  • excretion of mucus.


There are some factors in the  development of haemorrhoids which we can influence:

  • body weight gain,
  • lifting of heavy objects,
  • some liver diseases,
  • inheritance,
  • chronic constipation,
  • anus infection,
  • longer sitting time (some professions require more sitting),
  • too spicy, salty or sour food.

Constipation has an important influence on the development of haemorrhoids and continuation of complications. We can help ourselves with a high fiber diet. Fibers stayin the colon and help with easier excretion of feces and toxins, which are cleansed through the liver. Due to its rich composition Hemp flour and Hemp unpeeled seeds are highly recommended as supplements in the daily diet. In the case of problems, contact a specialist who will advise on whether your problem is really the result of hemorrhoids. If we notice stronger inflammation signs, we should use anti-inflammatory medicines. Surgery is recommended if the patient has not benefited from the simple procedures, or if the haemorrhoids are very large.

Hemp ointment can be used in the skin care around the anus and external haemorrhoids. After each excretion (or several times a day), we must wash and dry the affected part, then we can apply Hemptouch ointment in a thin layer. Hemptouch hemp ointment with its rich composition of hemp seed oil, vitamin E, mango and shea butter which nourish your skin, moisturizes and regenerates it and gives back its elasticity.  The ointment combined with natural herbs have a soothing and mild antiseptic effect on the skin. 


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