damaged skin

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Our skin can renew itself, but sometimes we must help it to speed up the process. With proper skin care, we can significantly reduce any aesthetic damage. We must be careful when dealing with swelling, redness and other similar signs that could show the possibility of infection. We must clean the skin first with clean water or a saline solution which we can also make ourselves by mixing 4.5 g of salt with 500 ml of boiling water, then cool to room temperature. Later we clean the skin with a dry sterile dressing, apply the natural hemp ointment and finish by air dressing or normal dressing the damaged surface of the skin to protect the skin while allowing it to breathe.

The best ointments for faster renewal and regeneration of the skin are made of hemp because they are composed of different ingredients that make the structure of the skin better, they increase its defense mechanism and improve its condition. They have an antiseptic effect on the skin.  Hemptouch hemp ointment includes marigold oil which was used in ancient Egypt for skin care and zinc oxide and blue chamomile which have a soothing and antiseptic effect on the skin.


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