Dry and cracked feet

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One of the problems people face today is thick and rough skin on the feet and toe pads, which can crack, burn or even bleed. Typical reasons for dry and rough skin are too much foot pressure, wearing synthetic shoes, dry skin in general and hereditary predisposition. Larger cracks can be disruptive and may interfere with walking or the wearing of certain shoes.


For beautiful and healthy feet that you can proudly show in your summer footwear, we recommend regular care with natural hemp ointment. Hemp ointment has a rich composition of  hemp seed oil with vitamin E and mango and shea butter which nourish your feet, moisturize them, regenerate them and give back elasticity of the skin.

The ointment's combination of natural herbs has a soothing and mild antiseptic effect on the skin. You should apply and massage your feet with Hemptouch hemp ointment each day before bedtime to nourish and soften your skin and to replenish moisture.

DID YOU KNOW … add two tea spoons of organic hemp oil in a bucket of warm (not hot) water and you've made yourself a perfect bath for dry feet. Hemp oil is also udes as a therapy against skin problems connected with lack of moisture.

 RECOMMENDER TREATMENT for dry and cracked feet

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