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These are reddish and bluish pink ribbons, which look like healing scars or wounds, which gradually may fade and become inconspicuous. Stretch marks are a common skin condition which do not cause any significant medical problem but nevertheless can cause significant distress to those affected. They are a consequence of torn collagen and elastin structures in deep layers of the skin, which have a major effect on elasticity and firmness of the skin. They occur most commonly on the thighs, abdomen, hips, upper arms, buttocks and breasts.


Stretch marks occur during the growth of the body in puberty, during fast weight gain, as a result of certain eating disorders (such as severe anorexia nervosa and bulimia), due to hormonal disorders or under the influence of certain hormonal drugs. We can sometimes see them on bodybuilders because of an increase in the activity of the adrenal glands (Cushing's syndrome) and the prolonged use of corticosteroids which results in mast cell degranulation which consequently leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin.


By using natural ointments and with massage we improve elasticity and blood circulation in subcutaneous tissue and with that we reduce the occurrence of stretch marks. Dermatologists advise regular showers or baths with oils containing unsaturated fatty acids to moisturise the skin while renewing its protective surface layer. Oil baths with cold-pressed hemp oils are very suitable for skin care. For best results, they should be followed by the application of the nursing ointment. Not forgetting a healthy and vitamin-rich diet.

Nourishing ointments are recommended for pregnant women prior to stretch marks occurring. For best results, they should start to use them no later than in the fourth month of pregnancy. We can continue using them until the end of pregnancy or in the first five months after birth when the skin is returning to its status prior to pregnancy. Hemp ointment contains ingredients that moisturise the skin and give it back its elasticity.

Hemptouch Hemp ointment effectively nourishes the skin during pregnancy and due to its delicate natural ingredients does not affect the course of pregnancy itself. The basic compounds are natural organic butter and oil that nourish the skin and contributes to its humidity, increasing its flexibility and regenerates cellular tissue.  The nutritional ointment is quickly absorbed due to its carefully selected composition. It doesn't make the skin greasy and has a natural calming scent - 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

DID YOU KNOW ... stretch marks occur most commonly in a pregnant woman.  About 75% of women experience them. The hormones during pregnancy have an effect on the elastic and collagen fibers in the skin.  During pregnancy, your body produces hormones that soften the ligaments in your pelvis so that they are more flexible when you give birth. Ligaments are strong bands of tissue that connect joints. However the hormones often soften the fibers in your skin, making it prone to stretch marks.


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