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Tomorrow is the day

Get your discount CODE on June 15th at midnight. 20% discount is applicable also to already discounted items.Click on the button below and prepare your cart so we don't run out of your favourite products. Shop here...

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Amazing announcement!

I can feel it coming. We all can feel it coming. Can you feel it as well?In exactly 2 days, you'll be able to shop all our products waaaayy cheaper. The discount will be unique, hot, mysterious. And we promise you'll feel it, all right? Click for a video tip:..

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Summer is not just about the sea and idyllic sandy beaches; it can be found anywhere: in the forest, by a nearby stream, pond, in your own garden, or even on a mini balcony. It's the season when we connect our skin most with nature. It seems like our skin eagerly absorbs the sun's rays and prepare..

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Protecting the Skin from Pollution, Sun and Cold

Protecting the skin from external influences is more important than ever before. The health, appearance and well-being of our skin can be significantly affected by it. Healthy and well-nourished skin is not a coincidence. Living in urban centers undoubtedly has many advantages, such as proximity t..

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How to soothe eczema: 7 natural methods of treatment

The majority of us have encountered a rash at some point in our lives, which appeared suddenly and was accompanied by dry and sensitive skin, itching and redness. This condition is called eczema or atopic dermatitis. The shape and size of this type of rash varies from person to person, and its cha..

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How to achieve quality sleep in a holistic way

Sleep – sweet dreams for some, a nightmare for others. Which group do you fit into? Although to some it may seem so, quality sleep isn't something to be taken for granted. Around two-thirds of adults in developed countries don't get the recommended eight hours of sleep per night. Are you among the..

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A salute to the year 2022

Another year is drawing to a close and a new one is already ready, waiting and generously inviting new beginnings. It seems as if it was just yesterday that we were putting together similar lines; the days and weeks have flown by so quickly that we are already in December and with it Christmas lig..

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10 tips for showering for those with sensitive skin

Showering is one of the most basic steps of skin care that we afford our skin on a daily basis. It's a step that we tend to take for granted, since it is part of our routine, that is until the time our skin shows its distress. When we say 'distress' we mean skin that is prone to irritation, allerg..

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A new look for our Pristine Forest Body Lotion | Blog Hemptouch

Summer has been and gone and the arrival of autumn brings changes. Lightweight clothing is replaced by warm knitwear, the strong sun is replaced by gentle rays, nature turns into countless shades, and our Pristine Forest Body Lotion has taken inspiration from the freshness of the herbs and essen..

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CBD for neurodegenerative diseases

Although warm and sunny days are lulling us into a light-hearted mood, today’s post will focus on a more serious topic - namely, the use of the CBD cannabinoid for neurodegenerative diseases. This topic has been researched, talked and written about for several years now and scientists agree that C..

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