Transformational skincare

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Our story

Hemptouch was founded in 2014 with the aim of producing hemp-based products that would have a transformational effect on people’s lives.

We want to be the leading natural and organic hemp-based skincare brand in Europe, driving positive industry change and regulation, and creating new standards of quality and support for our customers. We want be seen as the guiding light for our sector.

We carefully source organic and natural hemp alongside a variety of other botanical ingredients to produce our skincare products in the most effective and sustainable way we can to benefit both people and planet.

We believe that the hemp plant can transform the lives of people by helping them overcome conditions in their life that are holding them back.

By transforming the lives of people for the better and doing so in the most sustainable way we know, we play our part in transforming the world.

Experts in transformational skincare





We describe ourselves as experts in transformational skincare. We help transform people’s lives by producing award-winning organic and natural hemp-based skincare products.

Since 2014, we’ve pioneered ingredient innovation based on the hemp plant, exploring how it can help a wide variety of skincare conditions.




From the pristine nature of Slovenia

Our products are formulated from carefully selected plant extracts. In each of them you can smell the roots, stems, flowers and absolute essences of every natural ingredient. All of our plant-based ingredients are extracted through natural processes so they retain their natural power and efficacy.


At Hemptouch we are passionate about the outdoors and working closely with nature. This love of nature is the reason why hemp grown in the fields of Slovenia is at the heart of all our products. This unique plant is extraordinarily healthy and restores balance to the soil in which it grows. Even the birds and the bees find it irresistible.

We actively support local, small-scale production and deal directly with farmers and producers that we know personally. We always select plant ingredients of known provenance, as far as possible of local origin, and avoid ingredients with a negative environmental footprint. 


hemp is sustainable


Certified quality

We are proud to be the first ever range of hemp and CBD skincare certified with NATRUE according to International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association standards.

NATRUE’S 100 %natural cosmetics certification guarantees that 99% of every product is of natural origin and that the products contain no mineral oils, petrochemicals, genetically modified organisms, synthetic fragrances or artificial preservatives.

We are also certified vegan and never tested on animals. All Hemptouch products are tested under dermatological supervision on sensitive skin.

What our customers love about our products 


HYDRATING CBD LIP BALM: "This balm changed the game. I apply it only a few times during the day and feel that my lips stay soft and moisturised.

I have an atopic skin type and always struggle with dryness and tightness. I tried many different lip balms, but the effect did not last long and I should apply it again and again. This balm changed the game + super fast delivery."


THERAPEUTIC CBD SKIN BALM: "We were at the end of our rope looking for something that would actually help. This stuff really worked!

My 5 year old son has been battling Atopic Dermatitis for the last year and we’ve tried it all! We couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you!!!"


SOOTHING CBD SKIN BALM: "My therapist recommended this balsam - it worked like magic!

I had some problems with my skin around the eyes and my therapist recommended this balsam. It worked like magic and the
problems (irritated skin) disappeared in a few days. This balsam is now my must-item."