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“I know how to answer almost every question through the use of herbs”, says Silvija. Since ancient times, chamomile and lavender have been used to help improve sleep. Cedar gives a feeling of clarity and connectivity and serves as an excellent detoxifying agent for physical and emotional toxins. Rose, the king of flowers, with its high energy waves, calms, spreads happiness and relaxes the nervous system.

My other great passion is care of healthy and beautiful skin. The roots of the majority of skin problems lie in our emotions. Have you heard the humorous saying that anger is damaging to beauty? Because of my sensitive nature, my skin is always presenting me with new challenges. I soon decided to take the next logical step – joining both of my passions – which resulted in a new line of nourishing cosmetics that encourages sensitive and problematic skin to be able to help itself. The key is in balance. Therefore, I generously 'spiced' each of the formulas with premium hemp extracts, since there are no better masters of the balance of nature.

- Silvija; a biologist, herbalist and co-founder of Hemptouch skin care

Our philosophy

Nature is the best medicine

The best way to help our skin is to encourage it to help itself. Skin is the body's first contact with the world. Be thankful for your sensitive skin, since it means that it is especially careful in its protective role. Everything that we put onto our skin enters the body. Of course, this also works in the opposite direction. Therefore, drinking plenty of water and using healthy, unsaturated oils, such as hemp oil, are recommended to maintain healthy and youthful skin.

Sensitive skin rejects aggressive treatments that are based on parabens, alcohol and other chemicals, as they destroy skin's already fragile balance. Everyone's skin can be beautiful and healthy, all it requires is daily massage, the right combination of oils, butters and herbs, and regular hydration.


herbs for skin careHappy customers are our happy world! That is why you are welcome to our premises to meet our team, smell our products and hold in your hands hemp seeds, the natural treasures, where everything begins. Each of the ingredients that we carefully use in our mixes is traceable and we will be delighted to show you its journey. Not everything is local, since shea butter cannot be produced in Slovenia, however, we strive to seek local versions of every ingredient. Sincerity, being sensitive to the needs of our skin, and our customers are what bring really important results – happy skin and also a happy planet!

Sustainability is our guide

We are guided by our principles of ethical and sustainable operation from the first grain to the final product. At each step we are aware of our responsibility to people and the planet, therefore we always choose natural ingredients whose origins are known, we do not use ingredients with a negative environmental footprint, and we are careful to ensure that the largest amount of the ingredients we use are locally sourced. Butters are produced in Slovenia, not far from our hemp fields, which allows us to have a short production chain and to be environmentally-friendly.

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