Our story

Nurturing skin care company Hemptouch was created by people with sensitive skin for people with sensitive skin. We know what sensitive skin needs and which ingredients must be avoided.

We use only the finest certified herbal ingredients with a verified origin. Each of our products is certified, completely natural and rich in ingredients that relieve skin problems.

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Inspired by powerful hemp plant, Hemptouch’s therapeutic natural remedies soothe and calm different types of skin problems. It’s the trilogy of hemp cannabinoids with skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, hemp-flower hydrolate, rich with powerful skin-enhancing antioxidants and raw hemp oil, packed with replenishing omegas and amino acids.

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Hemptouch skin care products are produced from hemp seed oil from our own production. We oversee our plants from sowing to harvest which ensures ingredients of the highest quality. Hemp oil is cold pressed in our own press and we preserve the oil unrefined, as given to us by nature. Cold-pressed hemp oil is full of antioxidants, nourishes the skin with ceramides and fatty acids whilst restoring moisture. Buds for the cannabis resin are harvested by hand and processed through two different processes – CO2 extraction and maceration.

We do not compromise when creating our formulas and make sure that our skin care lines do not contain any harsh chemicals, perfumes, dyes or alcohol. Each product is unique and the result of hard work, research, development, and dedication.

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