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A new look for our Pristine Forest Body Lotion | Blog Hemptouch


    Summer has been and gone and the arrival of autumn brings changes. Lightweight clothing is replaced by warm knitwear, the strong sun is replaced by gentle rays, nature turns into countless shades, and our Pristine Forest Body Lotion has taken inspiration from the freshness of the herbs and essences of summer.

    The original version of the Pristine Forest Body Lotion has already proven to be popular among many users. It is distinguished by its exceptional effectiveness and therapeutic properties, which provide the soothing, softness and balance that sensitive skin so desperately needs.

    "I bought it for my son, who has very dry and sensitive skin, prone to dermatitis. This lotion is by far the best we have ever tried! It soften and hydrates the skin."


    "I bought the lotion for my daughter, who has atopic skin. Now the whole family uses it, because it's really great."

    Heli T.

    "WOW! My daughter hasn't got a single spot, skin complaint and itchiness. And it is absorbed really quickly too. Don't tell her, but I've been using 'her' lotion too!"

    Vanesa G

    Pristine Forest Body Lotion 200 ml

    The intensive formulation of the lotion instantly soothes, moisturises and relaxes sensitive and dry skin. It relieves the feeling.. Details


    We've captured the freshness of the Mediterranean in our body lotion

    People perceive the world with their senses. We absorb it with every pore, breath, touch, look and hearing... It is this that gives life its special charm. The entirety of everything provides an experience, and experiences make up our day, week, years... life. This is why we have taken a step forward in the formulation of the Pristine Forest Body Lotion. A step towards sensory pampering of not only the skin, but of the entire body. With the addition of the purest essential oils, we summon the freshness of the Mediterranean into everyday life, which provide 'SPA' moments for your well-being.

    A sensory journey through the Mediterranean for the best skincare experience

    Smell is an important factor when it comes to maintaining our well-being. You've no doubt heard of aromatherapy - the science that deals with the effect of essential oils on our body and mood. Essential oils can also have great therapeutic potential when it comes to skincare, hence we use them to our advantage as holistic support in our formulations.

    By reformulating the lotion, we have successfully combined the pleasant with the useful. We have chosen a combination of lemon, lavender and laurel essential oils, whose fresh and invigorating fragrance has not only a pampering, but also an antimicrobial, effect, while also accelerating the process of skin renewal and improving its microcirculation.

    Reformulation of the Pristine Forest Body Lotion

    The fast-absorbing formula, which does not leave an oily filter on the skin, ensures maximum hydration as well as smooth, flexible and extremely soft skin. All the best properties of the body lotion remain exactly as you have been used to until now; the only change is the fragrance of the product and, as a result, the user experience. The fresh, herbal fragrance of the Pristine Forest Body Lotion provides your body with freshness and gentle revitalisation.

    Pristine Forest Body Lotion 200 ml

    The intensive formulation of the lotion instantly soothes, moisturises and relaxes sensitive and dry skin. It relieves the feeling.. Details


    For an even better combination of ingredients

    All the key ingredients remain unchanged. The only change is that hemp ingredients and white fir polyphenols have been joined by essential oils, and the ingredient responsible for better application, absorption and final feeling on the skin has also been replaced. Thus, instead of Triheptanoin, the list of ingredients now includes Isoamyl Laurate.

    Isoamyl Laurate is an ingredient that helps the skin achieve softness and hydration without leaving it feeling greasy and heavy. It contributes to better application, faster absorption and prevents a sticky feeling on the surface of the skin.

    We changed the ingredients in order to improve the user experience. Our main desire in reformulating the products was to make your daily body care not only effective, but also fragrant and relaxing, thus turning daily body care into a moment of well-being.

    Why the skin of the body needs special care

    Our skin faces daily challenges in terms of how to maintain the hydration that ensures a healthy skin barrier. If the balance is disturbed, it can quickly lead to the appearance of atopic dermatitis, eczema and hypersensitivity. Hence the skin needs care that works with its vital functions and provides sufficient support to maintain balance and protection.

    The role of the skin endocannabinoid system

    A very important task of the skin endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the composition and renewal of the protective two-layer lipid layer in the skin, which retains water in the skin and keeps it appropriately moist and elastic. It simultaneously protects the skin from invasion by microbes, allergens and other toxic substances from the environment that could cause skin diseases.

    CBD cannabinoid has an antimicrobial effect and inhibits the formation of inflammatory mediators. CB1 and CB2 receptors are found on the surface of all keratinocyte skin cells, immune cells and nerve endings, which reduces inflammation and unpleasant sensations in the skin.

    The strong anti-inflammatory effect of CBD cannabinoid soothes and protects the skin, while white fir polyphenols and the wealth of omega fats hidden in hemp oil provide added support.

    Hemptouch products quickly and thoroughly restore the protective lipid barrier in the epidermis. Active hemp ingredients regulate the skin's physiological processes, thus contributing to a healthy appearance of the skin, preventing the onset of skin diseases and supporting faster and more effective treatment of existing ones.

    Mateja Lisjak, dermatologist

    Every skin type can achieve its own balance

    The Pristine Forest Body Lotion has been created taking into consideration skin that has lost its balance, i.e. the type that manifests itself in the form of dry, dehydrated, sensitive and atopic skin. It provides effective care of the skin and contributes to long-term solutions to skin problems. It is this precise mission that we send with pride and love to all those who face skin problems and want to make changes for the better.

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