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Hemp balms - the natural solution for skin problems


We have a long-standing tradition of cultivation here in Slovenia and hemp was recognized as one of the plants with an extraordinary therapeutic potential a long time ago; even our great-grandfathers were familiar with it. Today, our customers continue to confirm that by sharing inspiring stories about the soothing effects of this unique plant. One of them is the story of Mr Mario, who found the support he needed in alleviating his wife’s skin problems in the Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm.

hemp balms


He told us the moving story of his and his wife’s life; she is bedridden due to severe health problems and therefore completely reliant on her husband’s loving and devoted care. Mr Mario tackled the treatment thoroughly and attentively, which paid off with awe-inspiring results, also partly thanks to the Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm. This is a fragment of his story:

“I finally got lucky one day when I was in a small health food store and asked the shop assistant what’s the best skin balm, regardless of the price. She immediately recommended me the hemp-based “Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm”. I must say my decision to buy it has paid off many times over.

On Monday, when the home care nurse arrived with bandages to dress my wife’s bedsores, I already had the situation under control, and I told her she doesn’t have any.

From that first day when my wife returned home, I used the Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm three times a day after washing her.

I was aware that the skin suffers most underneath the diapers because it can’t breathe due to the impermeable material, which means it is constantly affected by the reactions between urine and faeces. That is precisely why it is so important for the skin to have 24-hour protection in order to keep it healthy, elastic, well-circulated and able to resist the aforementioned effects.


Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm was the right choice

The very first day when she came out of the hospital, a patch of skin - about 15x4 cm - on her diaphragm was already severely inflamed. However, with the help of the skin balm, the problem was solved in three days. After that, a swelling brought on by the diaper elastic appeared on her outer thigh and yet again it disappeared in two or three days with the help of the skin balm.
After 5 months of preventive use of the balm, her skin is healthy, elastic and clean; besides that, irritation due to urine and faeces has only appeared three more times so far.

A month ago, the home care nurse wanted to check if my wife really does not have any bedsores and she was positively baffled when she saw how well her skin is doing, how clean and elastic it is, how healthy her complexion is; that’s when she stopped coming by for check-ups.”

Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm 50 ml (SAN)

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What makes Hemp Balms so special?

Cold-pressed hempseed oil is the main ingredient in all skin balms here at Hemptouch. It contains the ideal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids for the human body. It also contains 80% essential, unsaturated fatty acids, which are important building blocks of cell membranes and influence their flexibility, improve the energy flow between cells and improve nutrient absorption. Hempseed oil is one of the most active ingredients found in nature and is excellent for the care of difficult atopic, dry and sensitive skin.

It is the therapeutic concentration of CBD cannabinoid that brings relief to the skin and restores its balance, while also providing protection. This valuable hemp extract soothes skin reactions and itching and brings relief to areas of the skin where redness occurs. At the same time, it helps your skin maintain its balance and stimulates its own regenerative system.


CBD helps with skin problems

CBD, with its remarkable antioxidant properties, acts as a safeguard against free radicals, thus also protecting against skin problems.

However, despite its impressive properties, you will not find the CBD cannabinoid in every Hemptouch product formula. Why? Because we always target skin problems, which means that each active extract for individual products is carefully chosen based on skin conditions we want to address. For example, our Gentle Skin Balm does not contain any CBD, as it is primarily designed for nutrient-rich skincare - however, you will find a high content of cold-pressed hempseed oil for the gentlest nourishing care. That is why it is also suitable for the most sensitive baby skin.

Of course, it wouldn’t work without the supporting ingredients: natural extracts and herbs that support the skin in restoring balance during the search for long-term solutions for its problems.

hemp balms - suitable for the whole family


So natural you could eat them

Hemp balm formula is water-free, so it can be prepared in the purest form possible and without the addition of preservatives. It only contains rich natural fats, active hemp extracts and essential oils that support the activity of each product. Thanks to the high butter content, the balms have a rich, buttery texture that quickly softens in the palm of your hand, making application fast and easy. The luxurious texture also ensures that even a small amount is enough for the entire body. We recommend warming the balm between your fingers before use to further facilitate application.

The balms do not cause any side effects so you can apply them as needed, even multiple times a day. They only bring the best natural ingredients to the skin, without any additives that could put extra strain on it. We often joke that they are so natural you could even bake pancakes with them.


Which balm to choose for your skin condition?

Because we offer three variations of hemp balms here at Hemptouch, our customers are often not sure which one to choose. To make the decision easier for you, we have prepared short descriptions of the products:

Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm - Quick relief for dermatitis, psoriasis, acne and irritated skin

Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm provides immediate relief to sensitive, red, irritated, itchy and flaky skin. It is designed to soothe the most acute skin conditions.

Soothing CBD Skin Balm - When your skin needs soothing and protection

This pleasantly soothing treatment is highly beneficial to itchy and red skin. It is also very well-received by atopic skin that is prone to redness, itchiness, eczema and dermatitis.

Gentle Skin Balm - Nourishing care for the most sensitive skin

Gentle Skin Balm nourishes, softens and protects sensitive and dry skin. A carefully selected combination of natural butters, oils and herbs deeply nourishes and restores dry and sensitive skin.
It is often the combination of balms, or the combined use with the Pristine Forest Body Lotion, that proves to be the most effective in relieving skin conditions.

SOS Skin Care Kit Hemp Balms

A set of samples of Hemptouch's three hemp skin balms will help you to decide which is the right balm for your skin and any skin p.. Details



Nature has all the answers

All hemp balms are dermatologically tested and suitable for the whole family, including your little ones. They can be used for both body and face care and are the perfect choice when your skin needs soothing, nourishing and protecting. So, who still thinks nature doesn’t have all the answers? ;)


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