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Hemptouch Values


At Hemptouch we don’t need a wall covered in company values to remind the team what drives us and how we should function. Our values manifest themselves under the guiding hands of Marko and Silvija. They are a part of everything at Hemptouch with their kind, bright, and unusually sincere spirit.


Good relations based on honesty and transparency

Every one of our products is a reflection of a successful mix of relationships and collaborations. Both friendly and sincere; woven between our own team members, as well as with our partners, suppliers and customers. We are guided by honesty and transparency and on these foundations, we build long-term, successful and professional relationships that are at the core of our success.

We nurture a positive work environment, where team spirit and the well-being of each team member come first. Hemptouch is first and foremost a well-structured and closely intertwined team. The results are always the effect of good teamwork, and we all share in our successes and awards, as we are all responsible for them.


Nothing but the best certified natural ingredients

We only use the best natural ingredients in our products and source them locally as much as possible.

We are the creators of the first Slovenian cosmetics with the Natrue certification, the most stringent certificate of natural cosmetics. Natrue certification ensures complete transparency from the origin of the raw material to its processing and forming of the ingredients used in the products. Each ingredient is closely inspected, and the certification ensures that the products do not contain any artificial or genetically modified materials.

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Economy and sustainability are at the heart of our decision-making and processes

From the initial grain to the final product, we are guided by the principle of ethical, sustainable and economical operation. We are aware of our responsibility to our company and the planet at every step, so we choose the ingredients wisely and are economical in the use of resources.

All our products are manufactured in Slovenia, not far from our hemp field. That allows us to keep our production chain short and environmentally friendly. Our company represents a small world in itself; we nurture it carefully and wisely, with a lot of love and responsibility.

Hemptouch Values


We alleviate skin problems with hemp

Skin problems are our inspiration and the positive responses we get from our customers are a source of encouragement that fuels our work. We commit ourselves with optimism and enthusiasm to each individual looking for a natural solution to their skin problems.

We explored and harnessed the extraordinary power of hemp, which is the best partner on the path to personal transformation. Our formulations are based on a unique trilogy of hemp extracts that support the natural processes of creating balance.

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Hemptouch we bring the extraordinary skincare benefits of hemp to people around the world, helping transform their lives.

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