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10 positive effects of hyaluronic acid


Hyaluronic acid is a substance produced naturally by our body. Its primary function is moisturising, since it binds water to itself and keeps the skin looking healthy. Over the years, our body’s production of this acid slows down, which also causes the first visible signs of ageing. This is exactly why hyaluronic acid is the main ingredient in most anti-ageing products, and dermatologists use it in injections for cosmetic procedures.

It is recommended to start using products containing hyaluronic acid soon after the age of 25, because that is when the first signs of ageing appear - the first wrinkles, drier and rougher skin. Quality products will keep your skin moisturised, glowing and taut.

If you are interested in the positive effects hyaluronic acid has on our body and skin, keep reading.

  1. Moisturises the skin

As mentioned above, hyaluronic acid binds water to itself and prevents moisture loss. Dry skin can lead to faster ageing and tired appearance. To help you moisturise your skin, you can use the Nurturing Face Cream that was designed by us here at Hemptouch. Hempseed oil, CBD and hyaluronic acid make sure your skin looks healthy and is protected from dehydration.

Nurturing Face Cream 50 ml

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  1. It is produced by our body

Hyaluronic acid is generally produced by our body, but we can also add it to our skin with various products. In our body, it is found deep in the skin and is crucial for hydration, tissue regeneration and wound healing. As we age, our body’s production of hyaluronic acid slows down, so proper care is essential. Every year, we need to apply more high-quality natural products to keep our skin moisturised and youthful.

  1. Products with this ingredient are proven to be effective

We often don’t believe that a product can make us look younger or slow down ageing; however, hyaluronic acid has been proven to have this effect - the key is just to choose the right cosmetics. Quality products protect the skin from environmental influences and promote regeneration. Numerous studies confirm positive effects, while individual results demonstrate success in practice as well.

  1. Helps produce elastin and collagen

Hyaluronic acid has the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin where it stimulates collagen synthesis by up to 20%, which helps increase skin firmness. Elastin and collagen can help us avoid deep wrinkles, all thanks to this remarkable ingredient.

  1. Protects against the first signs of ageing

It protects and strengthens the skin’s hydrolipidic film and helps the cell renewal process. The holistic activity of all three ingredients in our Nurturing Face Cream moisturises and soothes the skin, which is why we always recommend it for our older customers. It is rich in fats and nutrients, so it also ensures a faster skin renewal process and a fresher, more radiant complexion. The cream is designed for everyone who is looking for a moisturising product that would also help them maintain a youthful appearance.

For even better results, you can pair it with Moisturising Bright Essence by gently tapping it into the skin before applying the cream. Thanks to its moisturising and antioxidant ingredients, it will substantially hydrate your skin and optimally prepare it for further care.

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  1. Ensures faster wound healing

Hyaluronic acid helps the tissue regeneration process, which is important when it comes to wound healing. Studies confirm that applying this acid to a wound can help the damaged tissue heal faster.

  1. Has antioxidant properties

When an injury occurs, hyaluronic acid is activated to speed up the healing process. Its composition provides the affected area with antimicrobial protection and a natural barrier against the ingress of substances from the environment. Every wound heals on its own, of course, but hyaluronic acid helps it heal faster and ensures the scarring is less visible.

  1. It has a positive effect on our joints

A sufficient amount of hyaluronic acid in our body is also important for joint function. As joints wear down over the years, we need to introduce the appropriate amount of the acid into our body ourselves. To this end, many individuals opt for dietary supplements in the form of collagen to ensure greater absorption and consequently improve the condition of their joints.

  1. It is used in medicine

Many studies confirm the effects of hyaluronic acid, so it is no surprise that it is an essential ingredient in the so-called ‘anti-age products’.

In addition, specialists use it in injections or dermal fillers. Using products that are rich in hyaluronic acid gives your skin volume, thus making the wrinkles less visible and your face more radiant and fresher. Its great potential is also widely used in aesthetic dermatology as an alternative to rejuvenation.

As mentioned above, hyaluronic acid is also used to relieve joint problems. People facing joint mobility problems often choose this method - by injecting hyaluronic acid, mobility is restored and friction in the joint is reduced. This is the most common treatment for knee problems.

This remarkable acid is also used in food supplements, predominantly consumed by people who suffer from joint issues, but they are, of course, suitable for everyone else looking to increase their skin’s elasticity too.

  1. Completely natural and vegan

Hyaluronic acid is produced by a fermentation process that uses bacteria. In addition to bacteria, wheat or soya and glucose may also be used in its production. Products with this ingredient are therefore completely natural and vegan, suitable for everyone.

The effects of hyaluronic acid are truly impressive, to which shelves full of products that contain it can testify. It is a staple in all moisturising formulations and an ingredient that all skin types relish in. Its effects are well-established and its use both widespread and uncontestably beneficial.



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