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Interview: By using Cannabis Sativa, my skin finally feels better


Hemp is nature's best master of equilibrium. Hemp oil is rich in a perfect ratio of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, whilst CBD resin restores balance in the endocannabinoid system in the skin. The result is healthy and beautiful skin that is nourished and clean.

A few days ago we received a message from a customer, who for years has been battling with extremely sensitive combination skin, with frequent outbreaks of pimples. After years of trying various types of creams and skincare products, Bianka discovered hemp. In her message, she wrote that she had finally found a product which nourishes and calms her skin, and that her pimples have almost completely disappeared. Curiosity encouraged us to ask Bianka for a short interview.

Bianka has combination skin, which is inclined to outbreaks of pimples. For such skin types, we usually recommend the use of Balancing Face Cream which is specially formulated for oily and ane-prone skin, since it feeds the skin with vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, whilst at the same time reducing the secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands and balancing skin's endocannabinoid system. After consulting a salesperson, Bianka decided to try Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm which is intended for a wide spectrum of uses (dermatitis, itching, outbreaks of pimples, sensitive and dry skin, nappy rash, etc.), however, it is also becoming increasingly popular for facial skincare. Due to the balm's rich ingredients, we recommend that it is used for evening skincare, whereby skin is soft and nourished in the morning. The balm is also suitable for skin that is prone to pimples, as it has a non-comedogenic composition and also contains a high level of CBD oil. In cases of more severe skin impurity problems, however, we recommend a combination of Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm (evening skincare) and Balancing Face Cream (can be used several times per day).



Bianka, can you briefly describe your skin type?

I have very sensitive skin and, if I put just anything on my face, pimples often rapidly appear, therefore I don't wear too much make-up, as I would consequently need ever more. As long as I just wash my face, my skin remains fairly ok.


Have you had any skin problems in the past, and if so, what kind?

During puberty, I had very big problems with pimples and oily skin.


In your message, you told us that you had already tried all kinds of skincare products. Would you mind telling us, what kind of products you were using? Natural, conventional, or maybe some kind of products that you got on prescription from a dermatologist?

I used more conventional types of skincare, various moisturisers for the young, and for sensitive skin, which I bought in drug stores. However, none of them suited me. I also tried natural products based on shea butter, which also weren't the best for my skin.


Can you describe to us how your skin reacted to the various types of skincare? Did its condition worsen or improve?

The condition of my skin improved for 2-3 weeks, then pimples began to appear again, which, because of my nerves, I then scratched and in the end, of course, my skin looked even worse.


What was your worst experience in the process of searching for the right face cream?

Probably the worst experience was when I used a tester face cream and immediately after applying it, I found out that it wasn't for me, as I felt as if I had applied glue to my face.


Where did you find out about Hemptouch's skincare products and why did you decide to give them a try?

I found out about your products in the House of Nature in Krško, where the saleswoman recommended them. I said to her 'Well, why not?', since I had already tried so many skincare products. Somehow, though, I believed that this time I would get lucky.


How did your skin feel after you began applying the Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm and how would you describe the state of your skin after using it for a longer period of time?

Before applying ointment to my face I always moisten my hands as the ointment is absorbed quicker. Due to regular use of the ointment, I now have almost no pimples, my skin is smooth and I never need powder anymore.


All Hemptouch products are made with 100% natural ingredients. In your opinion what is the benefit of using natural products for skincare?

Skin can breathe more easily, and based on the fact that it is our biggest organ, it is only right that we don't apply artificial or even poisonous substances to it. I also have the feeling that my skin more easily withstands natural ingredients.


After using Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm, did you notice any negative side-effects on your skin?

No, never.


To whom would you recommend Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm and why?

I would recommend the ointment to all those who have sensitive and combination skin, which quickly becomes inflamed and red.


To end we would like to ask you to briefly describe your daily skincare routine.

Usually I wash my face just with water then use a facial toner, and finally I apply the ointment, which I also use to moisturise my lips. For my body, I actually use other creams, but I make sure that I apply them almost immediately after showering. Occasionally I also treat my skin to a deep peel.

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