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Nutritionist, yoga teacher and our colleague Tanja: my secrets for a youthful appearance


We asked our colleague Tanja, what are her secrets for her youthful appearance. She is forty years old but does not look her age. She is definitely doing something right and we asked her to share her story of youthful skin with our readers.



Tanja, have you ever had skin problems in your life?

I always say that I have no problem with my skin. However, since working at Hemptouch and learning a lot more about skin care and skin problems, I realized that I have one problem for as long as I can remember - very dry, dehydrated skin.


What was your typical skin care in your youth and later?

Already in elementary school, I started reading books on nutrition and learning yoga. I was interested in everything related to a healthy lifestyle and I was convinced that I was choosing healthy face creams. I already knew terms like antioxidants, so I was always convinced by creams with fruit extracts. I never thought that conventional cosmetics could hide substances that are toxic to my body.


When did you switch to natural cosmetics?

With the birth of my daughter Aria. If I was willing to make some compromises in my health, even at a younger age, this was not an option with my daughter. I used only 100% natural products for her care and gradually even I stopped using "ordinary" creams.


Your story with Hemptouch cosmetics

Hemptouch came to my life at the right time. Their story resonated me. We have been working together for two years now and I have been using Hemptouch cosmetics since day one. I have never felt anything like this on my skin before. If I could apply nature to my skin, it would probably be a similar feeling.

I am a complete addict to Nurturing Face Cream and now to Moisturizing Bright Essence. This is what my thirsty skin needs. I also use Purifying Face Cleanser, Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo, Soothing CBD Skin Balm, After Sun Elixir and of course fantastic Pristine Forest Body Lotion. In short, I stopped using other brands.


Tanja, you look ten years younger. What do you attribute your youthful appearance to?

I have always been somewhat attentive to food; over the years, my interest has only grown. The most important factor in maintaining a youthful appearance and well-being, in my opinion, is that we should eat as much natural food as possible, rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that our body needs to perform normal body functions. The same goes for “feeding” the skin.

Sport also has a great influence, and it has accompanied me all my life; especially yoga in recent years, including breathing exercises and meditation. I don’t survive without nature very long also.

Exercise lowers the level of mental stress and floods the body with fresh oxygen. It also helps the body maintain a vibrant metabolism, including the ability to detoxify - all of which play an important role in the health of the skin and the body in general.
Healthy cosmetics is the highlight of a healthy lifestyle and Hemptouch is a strong competitor in this field.

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