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Small differences between batches are the trademark of natural skincare


Why do differences occur between products in different batches? Often customers contact us with the question why a product from the new series is a little different from the previous one. Although it is the same product, it may be that the new balm is greener than the previous one, that the cream has a slightly different smell, or that the facial cleanser is a little thicker. We can say that these small differences are a must in natural skincare.

Small differences between batches are a trademark of natural skincare

We recently wrote about recycled packaging and mentioned the characteristic grey colour that is a kind of trademark of recycled plastic and an assurance that it’s a genuine article. Natural cosmetics capture all the conditions in which their ingredients are grown. The sun and the rain, birds and the bees. That results in small differences between batches which are in fact the trademark of natural cosmetics.


Nature determines the color and smell of our products

In nature, everything connects, complements and creates afresh with each new year. Even the smallest element plays a part in creating a perfect whole, in which nothing is left to chance. We can feel the power and uniqueness of nature in products that are based on natural ingredients. It is nature that shapes and determines the growth, color, smell and quantity of the harvest, year after year.

And all these characteristics of hemp and herbs act together to determine the nature of our end products. Their color, their smell and how they feel on the skin. In them, you can feel all the variety, diversity and uniqueness given to them by nature – a little different every year but always remarkable. In an earlier blog post we talked about how the weather can affect the characteristics of the active ingredients we use in our products: Everything in nature comes together into a complete and unreplicable whole.


No artificial preservatives, stabilisers, fillers or fragrances

Artificial preservatives and stabilisers give products a longer shelf life. A cream that does not change colour or smell over time undoubtedly contains these substances. A product that always has the same consistency is most probably based on synthetic fillers.

All our products are certified by NaTrue, the strictest natural cosmetics certification standard. This certification guarantees total transparency of origin and processing, from the initial raw material to the ingredient used in the product. Every single ingredient we use in our products is placed under the microscope. You will never find any of the following in our products: mineral oils, petrochemicals, genetically modified organisms, synthetic perfumes or artificial preservatives.


Fats of natural origin supply the skin with essential nutrients

Conventional cosmetics do not as a rule contain fats of natural origin that nourish the skin and supply it with vitamins A, E and D and omega-rich oils. Instead, they contain synthesised molecules that are added as an active ingredient. All the other ingredients are there simply to ensure that the active ingredient does its job. That is that the product smells nicer, looks nicer and is absorbed more rapidly. Their primary function is therefore to act on the epidermis and not penetrate deeper into the skin. These products cannot satisfy the skin’s needs for nutrients.

Conventional cosmetics contain a range of chemical compounds to ensure that the product is stable and always the same. Individual batches do not differ from each other because they are not subject to the unpredictability of nature.

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