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The difference between hemp drops and hemp resin


Today, our mission is to highlight the differences between the two most popular CBD cannabinoid products - hemp drops and hemp resin. Both are based on the same active ingredient, but still differ in quite a few aspects. CBD drops are different in appearance, consistency, density, taste and the active ingredients they contain. Is CBD resin better suited for your problems, or will you prefer the popular hemp drops? Keep reading.

Hemp resin is thicker and darker

As mentioned above, the first and most obvious difference between the two extracts is in their appearance and texture. Hemp resin is thick and dark, sometimes sticky, and leaves behind brown stains that are difficult to clean. On the other hand, hemp drops are lighter, usually golden in colour (depending on the extraction method), thinner and not sticky. Differences in appearance also predict, to a certain extent, differences in taste; which one of them tastes milder and more pleasant, do you think?

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The difference in taste between CBD drops and resin can be the deciding factor for users

You’ve probably already figured it out - it’s the drops that taste better. This is, for the most part, because they contain a carrier oil that dilutes the CBD extract and thus mitigates the bitter taste that may be present otherwise. Hemp contains over 200 types of terpenes and waxes, which strongly influence the flavour of the extract. Hemp resin contains the ideal ratio of ingredients, so its taste is quite intense and bitter; some users therefore prefer to consume drops instead, while others consider the taste a guarantee of the extract’s therapeutic efficiency.


Hemp resin for more precise dosing

CBD resin is thick and sticky, so it is not suitable for dropper use. Instead, it is stored in a precise dispenser that allows for the dose to be determined to the nearest 0.01 ml. The dropper used to dispense CBD drops doesn’t provide such precise dosing, which some users see as a negative aspect of taking them.

CBD drops always contain a carrier oil

CBD drops are often referred to as CBD oil because of their oily appearance and consistency. The hemp extract itself is thick and sticky, much like hemp resin, but it is always mixed with a carrier oil when making drops. Consequently, we get a thinner substance of a more pleasant taste that is easier to dose. Carrier oils can vary, but MCT oil, olive oil and hempseed oil are amongst the most popular ones.

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CBD resin is closest to the hemp plant in its composition

Proponents of hemp resin cite the extract’s completeness - i.e., the presence of all the active compounds naturally present in hemp - as its greatest advantage. To simplify, you could say that CBD resin is concentrated and compressed hemp. This means that in addition to CBD and other cannabinoids, it also contains THC (less than 0.2%), terpenes, waxes and other ingredients that occur in hemp naturally. There are more than 426 of them, of which cannabinoids alone account for around 60 different types. The presence of the full spectrum of ingredients therefore allows for the so-called entourage effect, which can be easily explained by the saying that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This means that CBD has greater therapeutic potency when it is used in synergy with other phytochemicals from hemp.


What to choose - hemp resin or drops?

You will have to find the answer to this question yourself. Just as the two extracts are unique, each in its own way, so are the people and their needs. As we’ve already mentioned, some of our customers prefer resin for more precise dosing, while others prefer CBD drops for their milder taste and simple use. Sometimes the problem the user wants to address with CBD is also an important deciding factor; if the goal is a strong therapeutic effect on specific problems, users often opt for CBD resin, but if you just seek general support for your body, you may prefer low CBD cannabinoid concentration drops or CBD sprays, which are designed to do just that.

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