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The Hemptouch team is bidding 2021 farewell


Hemptouch – the company that intertwines hemp and a team of thoughtful people through a joint goal, vision, and values.  A group of diverse individuals who together create a team that matches perfectly! Just as hemp cannot reach its full potential when you remove even a single molecule, Hemptouch would also not be able to function in such harmony without the perfect team of people that create it. Within what seems like complete chaos, there exists a complex order that only nature can compose. The same natural laws can also be seen in team spirit and values; energies can intertwine and amplify each other, or they can deflect from one another at the speed of light. Such energies have been intertwining and uniting the Hemptouch team for the past 7 incredible years, creating exceptional products, stories, and insights, giving us momentum for the next 7 years to come. :)

Hemptouch is our second home, where responsibilities intertwine with friendships, playful chats, the occasional sound of guitar strings, and clink of glasses … not far from what a family feels like ;)


Hemptouch, my baby. :) I like working at Hemptouch because of the team of good people who like to help each other and because I know we make good quality products. For me, the best thing is when we get honest opinions from users telling us how our products have helped them with their skin problems.

My favourite product is the Soothing CBD Skin Balm that I’ve been using since the very beginning. First aid for my skin. :) Marko, owner, and CEO


Leading a team with such passion for their work and the desire to engage in everyday challenges is a privilege. This, combined with our knowledge and the power we get from nature to help others, is something that fills me with new energy every day. The satisfaction of our employees and our users is the key answer to my "why". I also like that we don’t always only have challenges, sometimes we also have a problem ;)

I have several favourite products, but my all-time favourite is the Moisturising Bright Essence. The serum is a great compromise for men who are not used to face creams. Uroš, director


The company stands by values that I live by too. The mission of helping people fulfils me and that’s why I find working at Hemptouch so diverse and interesting. I have a real, friendly relationship with my colleagues and when necessary, we stand together and do everything in our power to make our customers happy.

Among our products, my first choice is the After Sun Elixir, it’s excellent for skin regeneration after sunbathing. It smells great and I use it all year round to keep the feeling of summer going. Mateja, logistics


 I love Hemptouch. Why? Because marketing activities in our industry come with many challenges and demand an innovative approach, which fulfils my desire to be creative and get good results. We achieve these because of the good relations in our team and the values we pursue with a common goal. All this, always with love.

My favourite products are without hesitation the three combined in the 3 Step Balancing Set. They are the pinnacle of all possible superlatives and I 100% believe in them and their effectiveness. Klavdija, marketing



At Hemptouch, I got the chance to combine my work with my life mission; to bring people closer to the potential of all things natural. I am happiest when I create and research and working at Hemptouch supports that. And I absolutely have to mention the best group of co-workers, who, like a cherry on top, brighten up even the gloomiest day.

The product with the most charisma in my opinion is Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm. This miracle product has written so many amazing stories! My skin adores it when I pamper myself with it in the evening. It contains super nutrients that literally make the skin right overnight and make it juicy, supple, and healthy. Barbara, development


I really like collaborating with Hemptouch because we both follow similar values and we're both also aware of how important good relations are.

I have a hard time deciding which product is my favourite, but maybe I'll just mention the Moisturising Essence since I adore that one and use it by the litre. :) Tamara, designer




You just have to love Hemptouch. :) I see us as a little mosaic. Each one of us is so different, and together we create perfection within all our imperfections. :)

My favourite product; the Moisturising Essence, the Intensive Lip Balm, the After Sun Elixir, and now the new CBD Hand Cream. You can have 4, right? :)
If I have to pick one, I’m going with the Intensive Lip Balm because it is the best thing for herpes. Tjaša, logistics



Working at Hemptouch is always dynamic and relaxed. I love that besides my daily tasks, I can also live out my great passion, photography. I can proudly say that I am the official photographer of Hemptouch. :)

Of all the products, my favourite is the Replenishing Antioxidant Face Oil because it makes my skin velvety soft. Maja, logistics




Working at Hemptouch makes me happy because of its diversity. There's never a dull moment and every day brings something new. I like being in the company of a playful team that occasionally dances to my tune ;).

The product I like the most is definitely the CBD Oil Amber drops because they help me finally sleep! Alen, logistics




Creative and active, that's me. :) I'm never bored, am a volcano of ideas, and handy enough to take on even the biggest challenges. I breathe and run with Hemptouch, in fact, sometimes I can even skip an hour of exercise on that account. ;)

My favourite product is the Replenishing Antioxidant Face Oil, I just want to bathe in it! Vesna, logistics



Thank you for making us part of your story

Another year has completed its full turn and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the effort, support and love you share for Hemptouch.

Because of you, we can make our dream come true and bring the extraordinary effects of hemp to people all around the world.

May your holidays be peaceful and full of love, and may your New Year be full of wisdom, and may it bring cheer through the whole year.

Your Hemptouch

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