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A change of texture in Moisturising Bright essence


Changes are part of our everyday lives. They can turn our world upside down, or be barely even noticeable. But one thing is for sure - they are most valuable when they bring us improvements.


Uniqueness of nature in each product

Due to the natural ingredient content, our products vary slightly in smell, color or consistency from batch to batch. This is quite commonly noticed by our customers. Read about it here. However, this time we have introduced the change ourselves. To add new dimensions to the product and further enhance the user experience.


Moisturising bright essence


A small change for an even better moisturising effect

We have improved moisturising effect of Moisturising Bright Essence and you might notice it with our new batch. How do we know it’s better? Our loyal users who have participated in product testing’s have unequivocally confirmed it.

Moisturizing essences have a similar effect on skin as facial serums, yet their function is not quite the same. The primary function of a moisturising essence is to fill the water channels in the skin (aquaporins). This improves the transition and targeted effect of the active ingredients in the serum and face cream. It intensively moisturises the skin and provides it with antioxidants. But let's not forget that your skin needs further care.


Moisturising Bright Essence maintains its composition

To improve the effect of skin hydration and support the action of aquaporins, we have included a special kind of hyaluronic acid, which has proven to be an ideal moisturizer for our formulation. Aquaporins are a type of water system of the skin. The hyaluronic acid we now use in the formulation ensures a light, absorbent and non-sticky finish on the skin.  As a result, the product's modified texture is lighter, less dense and absorbs faster. However, the composition always remains the same.

According to users, skin is moisturised, supple and softer immediately after application, without a sticky finish on the epidermis and that’s exactly what we were aiming for.


When and how to use moisturising bright essence

The moisturising bright essence can be applied whenever your skin is dry, dehydrated and needs additional moisture. Your skin will most appreciate the inclusion of essence in your daily skincare routine and using it both in the morning and evening. Make it the first step of your moisturising care.

Using your palms apply the essence to cleansed skin on the face, neck, decolletage, then using gentle pressure massage it upwards from the chin to the forehead. This creates a gentle vacuum that will ensure even better absorption. Wait a moment or two then continue with the application of other skincare products or repeat the application of the essence.

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