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Adaptogenic plants and CBD oil for your well-being


Adaptogenic plants have an effect wherever your body needs them to

Imagine a plant that recognizes exactly what your body needs at a certain moment and then provides that. It feels as if the plant has its own diagnostics lab that analyses the state of your body, identifies the problem and finds the appropriate solution for it. Adaptogenic plants restore your balance, have a calming effect and at the same time reinvigorate. Adaptogenic plants are masters of adapting to their surroundings and helping our bodies adapt as well. Today, stress is one of the leading causes of imbalance in our bodies and general poor well-being. Adaptogenic plants protect us and help us face negative factors in our environment; they help us fight stress, fatigue, feelings of being overwhelmed and protect us from the consequences of these stressors.


Adaptogens grow under adverse and difficult conditions

Adaptogenic plants didn’t have it easy. In the past, they usually grew in difficult conditions, at high altitudes or extremely low temperatures. To survive such harsh conditions, they had to develop high adaptability to their environment. People believe that by ingesting adaptogenic plants, these incredible adaptive properties are also transferred to our bodies.


A holistic effect on the whole organism

Conventional medicine targets and works specifically on the organs or systems in our bodies that need help, while adaptogenic plants have a holistic approach. This means that they strive towards a healthy balance by discovering imbalances within us and working to restore them. It could be said that they balance out deficiencies and surpluses in our organisms.


Adaptogenic plants have their own intelligence

Balance is key in maintaining a healthy body. If the balance tips one way or another, illnesses, fatigue and poor well-being begin to manifest themselves. Adaptogenic plants act bipolar when restoring balance. If necessary, they can either soothe or strengthen the functions of the body. These plants can detect when your body either needs to be stimulated or when it needs to be soothed. This ability is unique in the plant kingdom, so adaptogenic plants are a truly valuable ally when it comes to our health.


The effects of adaptogens on our health

Adaptogenic plants act as a buffer zone between external stressors and the control mechanism of our body, the adrenal glands.

Because of these abilities, adaptogens improve our vitality, energy, health and well-being. The effects of consuming adaptogenic plants may not be apparent immediately, so stay persistent as they will no doubt show. Among other things, adaptogenic plants:

  • Stabilize the balance and hormone production in our bodies
  • Stabilize the production and state of our reproductive hormones
  • Offer support to our immune system
  • Improve our mood, mental and physical performance
  • Increase our energy
  • Improve our cognitive functions
  • Improve our insulin sensitivity
  • Increase alertness and reduce fatigue
  • Help with insomnia and calm our organism


Best known adaptogenic plants



Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, is one of the best known and appreciated Ayurvedic plants, due its wide range of activities and numerous positive effects on the human organism.

Ashwagandha can both invigorate and soothe the functioning of the body’s systems, depending on our body’s imbalances. It’s been proven that ashwagandha helps with stress, soothes anxiety, increases immune resistance and strengthens our organism. It also helps keep the vitality of our reproductive organs and nervous system.



Maca grows in the mountainous regions of Peru and has been regarded with reverence ever since the Incas for its exceptional healing properties. Today, maca is primarily associated with hormonal balance and is a very popular natural aid for women entering menopause.


Matcha green tea

For centuries, monks have been drinking matcha to help improve their concentration, staying focused and calm during periods of long meditations. Matcha green tea is an extremely rich source of active ingredients due to its special preparation method (whole tea leaves are grounded into powder and ingested). Among other positive ingredients, matcha is also the best natural source of the L-theanine amino acid, which ensures focus and clarity of thought. Matcha is also extremely rich in antioxidants that protect our body from free radicals responsible for tissue ageing and numerous diseases.


Is CBD cannabinoid an adaptogenic plant?

CBD is not officially considered an adaptogenic plant, although, due to its characteristics, it could easily be classified as one. CBD balances bodily functions by influencing our endocannabinoid system that acts as a sort of conductor to our organism, making sure all our parts work in harmony. In addition, CBD is completely natural in origin and has no known significant negative effects on our bodies. CBD also soothes, has stress-relieving properties and has been proven to help with anxiety.


Cannabinoid CBD and adaptogenic plants – a winning combination?

CBD and adaptogenic plants have a lot in common. They all help maintain balance within our bodies, help when the body is reacting excessively and protect us from external stressors. They are all also completely natural substances with no known major side effects. CBD helps us maintain balance by binding itself to our internal endocannabinoid system, while adaptogenic plants achieve a similar effect by working on the body's endocrine system. This is why more and more scientists believe that the combined use of the CBD cannabinoid and adaptogenic plants will boost their separate effects. These substances connect in harmony and support our organism with an even greater effect when dealing with external stressors or even autoimmune conditions. When combined, adaptogenic plants will increase the potency of the CBD cannabinoids and vice versa.




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