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CBD Hand Cream: the ally your hands need throughout the day


If you think about it closely, we experience the world through our hands.

In the morning, they help us prepare breakfast and – of course – immortalise it for social media before taking care of our beauty routine. Then, when we’re finally ready for work, our hands are the ones that fish out that much needed parking change and then type away at keyboards tirelessly until late afternoon.

At the end of a busy, handshake-filled day, we find ourselves wondering how Italians do all of that and talk with their hands, too.

Our hands are tired

We are more diligent than ever about washing our hands in these strange times, which is commendable, but it also means that the sensitive skin there dries out, gets irritated and breaks faster. While soap might effectively remove dirt and microbes from the skin, it unfortunately also removes natural lipids that are essential for the protective function of the epidermis. This causes the most issues on our hands because the structure of the skin there is different than on the rest of our bodies. The most obvious difference is that the hands have very few sebaceous glands, which are responsible for the production of sebum - the latter then supplies the skin with lipids and other essential moisture-binding substances. In short, fewer sebaceous glands means that the hands are a lot worse at binding moisture than other parts of the body and consequently dry out quicker. Particularly low temperatures outside during the winter season additionally contribute to the dryness of our hands too.

Four tips for dry hands

The symptoms of dry skin on the hands can be very different; in the mildest form, the hands are dry, sensitive and sometimes even red, but when it gets worse, the skin can develop tiny cracks or flaky and uncomfortably tight areas. When the skin is stressed, it can quickly develop atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis or various allergies that accentuate the imbalance of the delicate skin of our hands. That’s why we put together a few tips to help you care for your hands.

1.Change the way you wash your hands

Washing our hands is one of the most effective hygiene measures that protect us from germs and diseases, yet frequent washing - especially with harsh soaps and warm water - can lead to dry hands. We recommend washing your hands with lukewarm water and a mild soap that maintains the skin’s natural pH value.

2. Use the CBD Hand Cream

Think about your hands often! We recommend applying CBD Hand Cream after every handwash - it contains a high percentage of lipids which create a protective layer on the surface of your hands that prevents water from evaporating out of the skin and drying it out. The oils in the cream also replenish the skin and CBD works in an anti-inflammatory way. Another big benefit of the CBD Hand Cream is that it’s not greasy and absorbs into the skin quickly.

CBD Hand Cream 75 ml

This soothing care is the ideal ally for your hands at any time of the day thanks to its velvety texture. It instantly relaxes and.. Details


3. Two gloves a day keep the dry skin away

Contact dermatitis of the hands is common in people who have a lot of contact with water, so we suggest that you wear protective gloves whenever you’re working with water and detergents and warm gloves when you’re out in the cold. Gloves can be an exceptional nighttime treatment too - apply a generous coat of CBD Hand Cream before going to bed and put on soft, cotton gloves for an intense restorative therapy.

4. Clean gently

Be careful to avoid excessive use of soaps containing artificial foam agents and perfumes, for these can put additional stress on already irritated skin; look for natural versions that cleanse your skin without drying it out instead. After washing, dry your hands thoroughly and don’t forget the skin between your fingers - however, try not to rub them but blot them dry instead. And a tip: avoid using disinfectants at home and use them only when handwashing is not an option.

New CBD Hand Cream

Our hands are the window to the world, so it’s very important that we take proper care of them. They’re the Dante to our Beatrice! They give to us endlessly, yet we often fail to return the love. That’s why the Hemptouch team has developed this CBD Hand Cream that will instantly relax your hands and restore lost moisture and lipids. Like all our other products, the hand cream has been purposefully developed in a unique way, with each of the carefully selected ingredients performing a specific function. Hempseed oil nourishes, softens and deeply restores, as well as strengthens the skin’s hydrolipidic layer with an ideal ratio of omega fats, thus contributing to a better protection. CBD works in a soothing and anti-inflammatory way - it restores balance to the skin and protects it from oxidative stress from the environment. The essential oil complex of lavender, geranium and tea tree is mildly antibacterial, restorative and relaxing, but still absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn’t get in the way of everyday tasks.

Take care of others by taking care of yourself

The most important function of the CBD Hand Cream is, of course, that it helps you make new friends! It might be during your next get-together or business meeting that someone asks, “Does anyone have any hand cream?” That’s your opportunity to shine as the right person in the right place. After all, everyone appreciates people who are willing to share with others.

CBD Hand Cream 75 ml

This soothing care is the ideal ally for your hands at any time of the day thanks to its velvety texture. It instantly relaxes and.. Details


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