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How to achieve quality sleep in a holistic way


    Sleep – sweet dreams for some, a nightmare for others. Which group do you fit into? Although to some it may seem so, quality sleep isn't something to be taken for granted. Around two-thirds of adults in developed countries don't get the recommended eight hours of sleep per night. Are you among them? This fact isn't actually that surprising, however, the long-term consequences are even more so.

    If you sleep for less than six or seven hours a night, your body is less resistant to infections, while the risk of getting cancer more than doubles. Poor sleep hygience also has an effect on a range of other illnesses and disorders, such as diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular disease, and also contributes to the emergence of mental problems, such as depression and anxiety. Therefore, quality sleep is essential in maintaining our health and well-being. Of course, many of you might say: ‘That's easier said than done when the body and mind don't do as we want.’ Fortunately, Hemptouch has a solution for you, which we will reveal to you a little further below.

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    The reason for poor sleep

    To start, it's necessary to distinguish the factors that can deprive us of quality sleep. There can be multiple possible causes of a lack of sleep. Among them is the one involving the discipline and consistency to get even sworn night owls to hide away under a warm duvet. Another cause of poor sleep lies on the psychophysical level, in the form of physiological imbalances or as a reflection of daily burdens that cause us to loose sleep.

    Better sleep

    Quality sleep isn't something to be taken for granted. It often requires effort, and in a desire to sleep better, we can help ourselves by adopting some fairly simple tips as part of our evening routine.

    Some time ago, I heard some advice from a therapist who deals with people who suffer from chronic insomnia, and it still rings true. She claims that in the case of bad sleep, we should first take a look at our morning. Our entire day can have an affect on the way we sleep, not just the hour before we go to bed. Therefore, we should have this factor in mind when seeking long-term solutions for quality sleep.

    Tips to achieve better sleep:

    • Try to maintain a constant sleep schedule; go to bed at the same time each day and wake up at approximately the same time.
    • Avoid caffeine and nicotine, as they contain stimulants whose effects don't wear off until eight hours after consumption.
    • Try supporting your endocannabinoid system with CBD drops. CBD cannabinoid has a relaxing effect, which has a beneficial influence on many factors that can cause disturbed sleep. CBD drops should be taken about one hour before going to bed, or if you are among those who often wake up during the night and have trouble falling back into a deep sleep, you can take the drops at that time to help you get back to sleep. We recommend Amber CBD Drops, 600mg.

      CBD Oil Amber 600 mg CBD 20 ml (3%)

      A full-spectrum hemp extract with an exceptional balance of all naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. Optimal synergy for.. Details

    • Avoid eating large meals before going to bed and limit your intake of fluids. The body as a whole wants a break and time to regenerate, so allow your digestion and bladder to take advantage of this as well.
    • Skip an afternoon nap. While a short nap after a hard day's work is very pleasant, it's important to make sure it's not too late, because it will be harder to fall asleep in the evening.
    • Don't exercise for two to three hours before going to bed, so you can slowly begin to prepare the body to rest.
    • Establish a regular relaxation ritual before going to bed, as this sends a message to the body that it is nearing the rest phase.
    • A warm bath or shower are an excellent way to prepare the body for quality sleep, as they trigger the process of relaxation and a drop in body temperature, which induce a feeling of sleepiness.
    • Aromatherapy for better sleep; the influence of scent on our well-being is magical and since bygone days its effects have also been used to induce a sense of relaxation and peace, thus helping to ensure better sleep. Commonly used essential oils to relieve insomnia include lavender, mandarin, Roman chamomile, ylang ylang, etc. They can be used in a diffuser or as a pillow spray.
    • Prepare your bedroom. It's very important to ensure that the room is sufficiently dark, the temperature is suitably cool and there are no electronic devices.
    • Ensure you get outdoors for some exercise in the fresh air and in daylight. Daylight is crucial in regulating a daily sleep pattern. Get up when the sun rises and make sure you dim the lights before going to bed.
    • Don't lay awake in bed. In the event that you can't fall asleep after 20 minutes, it is better to do something relaxing, for example read a book, listen to relaxing music, until you eventually drift off to sleep.
    • Avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed, as it deprives the body of REM sleep and keeps the body in the light phase of sleep.

    CBD for better sleep

    CBD is the second most abundant compound in the cannabis sativa plant, and numerous studies show that it may indirectly benefit sleep. In fact, CBD can help with a variety of sleep disorders, including insomnia and restless leg syndrome, as well as other factors that can affect sleep quality. Amber CBD Drops contain a complete spectrum of cannabinoids that support the endocannabinoid system, thus contributing to the overall balance of the body and relief of the symptoms that are often the cause of insomnia.

    CBD helps people to relax by reducing anxiety and pain – two factors that can make it difficult for some people to fall asleep or they fall asleep then wake up during the night.

    The hypothalamus – the body's 'control centre' – plays a role in several sleep-related functions, including regulating body temperature and synchronising sleep patterns. CBD can help with insomnia, because it works with the hypothalamus to regulate stress. Insomnia is the result of excessive exposure to stress, which creeps in at the time of rest when we are not trying to process any conscious trauma. CBD can stop this unregulated cycle of over-activation of the stress hormone and equalise the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness.

    What is REM sleep?

    The sleep cycle consists of two phases, which can be separated into NREM and REM. Both phases of sleep alternate with each other every ninety minutes during the night. The abbreviation REM stands for rapid eye movement, while the NREM phase (non-rapid eye movement) is characterised by a gradual decrease in heart rate, body temperature and brain activity. Strong brain waves subsequently appear and our body enters the process of regeneration of the immune and cardiovascular systems. The brain processes and stores memories during this stage, then the body enters the second phase of sleep, known as REM sleep.

    What is characteristic of the phase of sleep where the eyes are active?

    It is the stage of sleep in which we experience the most vivid and hallucinogenic dreams. We are often engaged with our own emotions and experiences. We process the situations and consequences that they leave in our subconscious. It is a phase in which our brain is reactivated. In the REM phase, we connect information and strengthen creativity, thus we are able to set up tools to more easily solve daily challenges.

    The NREM and REM phases compete with each other all the time and alternate every 90 minutes, which is the length of time each cycle lasts. The duration of the phase within each cycle is of varying lengths.

    Deep sleep

    People usually fall asleep within 10 to 15 minutes of lying down to rest. During the night, we move between different stages of sleep; between light and deep sleep and the REM phase. It is said that the reason for such transitions lies in the nature of survival, which protects a person from danger. Dolphins are the ultimate masters of perception in sleep, as half of their brain is active during sleep. Unlike dolphins, humans are able to switch off completely and fall into a deep sleep, which then transitions into light sleep, so that we are able to at least partially register our surroundings.


    A holistic way to quality sleep

    I believe that our mind and body are connected and that when we are happier, we sleep better, which in turn improves our mental and physical health. It is our responsibility and concern to ensure we have a pleasant and calm day that lulls us into deep sleep and sweet dreams.

    Sleep well!



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