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Is acid really damaging to my skin?


Skin is our largest organ; it is our shield from the outside world, sensations and, last but not least, it is what gives us our appearance. We pay special attention to our skin, look after it, nourish it and protect it, and we think that we know it well. Among other things, a lot of us believe that acids are damaging to our skin, since they are too aggressive and they destroy its natural balance. In this blog we will write a few old truths and elevate acids to a place where they belong.

Healthy skin is acidic

In its natural, balanced state, our skin has a pH level of between 4.5 to 6.5. The term 'pH level' refers to the acid-based balance of skin, which is important for its defense from external influences. At these levels, skin is wrapped in a fine, slightly acid layer of film (the neutral level is 7). Therefore, the ideal pH level of skin is slightly acidic, which is also where the term acid mantle originates. The purpose of our skin's acid mantle is to ensure its protective role is properly maintained, and that its general condition appears beautiful and healthy.


How can we therefore help skin to maintain its balance?

Usually when we hear the word acid we think of something corrosive that causes a burning sensation, in other words, far from something beneficial and nourishing. But is that really the case? Do acids also have positive benefits for our skin? Below we have listed some of the acids that are essential for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.

Acids which are often found in skincare cosmetic products and for which your skin will be thankful

LACTIC ACID improves the condition and structure of skin. It works as a moisturiser and exfoliant, penetrating deep into the pores where it has a cleansing and mildly antibacterial effect. Lactic acid greatly enhances the repair of the epidermis, which contributes to more beautiful looking skin. It is particulary effective in products that are intended for combination and oily skin, and skin prone to abnormalities. Lactic acid also plays an important role in our Balancing face cream.

HYALURONIC ACID is a substance that the human body produces naturally, however, as we age, the amount produced decreases, which is consequently seen as skin ageing. Its important function is to stimulate the production of skin's collagen and, since water binds to it, it has a moisturising effect. Hyaluronic acid is a key molecule in the process of ageing of skin. This exceptional substance also enriches the formula of our Nurturing Face Cream.

UNSATURATED AND SATURATED FATTY ACIDS are the main components of fat and belong among organic compounds. They comprise carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which form more or less long chains. Depending on the structure of the fat, they are divided into saturated and unsaturated. Plant butters and fats often have higher quantities of saturated fatty acids, they have a higher melting point and are solid at room temperature. The role of these fats is to nourish and soften skin, whilst they also play an important role in moisturising as they capture moisture in the skin. Hemp oil is the most complete source of Omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for maintaining beautiful and healthy skin. Cold pressed hemp oil is present in all of our skincare products.

GAMMA LINOLENIC ACID (GLA) is an essential fatty acid, which the human body cannot, on its own, produce. It is appreciated for its numerous beneficial effects, as it protects and renews skin, ensures the ideal ratio of moisture, helps with acne, and preserves the skin's elasticity. Oils containing gamma linolenic fatty acid are excellent for dry and itchy skin and have the ability to quickly absorb. Hemp oil is one among the valuable oils where this unique essential fatty acid can be found.


Therefore, after considering the above, we can reach a clear conclusion that not all acids harm our skin, they merely have an unfortunate name, which leads people to believe that they are unnatural and aggressive. Acids in cosmetic products have a very clear targeted task and are crucial in maintaining beautiful, clean and youthful skin – which is something we all definitely want, is it not?

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