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Low percentage CBD oil for a balanced distribution of active ingredients


CBD oil is an extract of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa and offers natural relief for a wide range of problems. CBD oil is obtained through an extraction process in which the desired active ingredient (the cannabinoid CBD) is extracted from the plant and concentrated. This means that the CBD concentration in the end product is higher than the concentration naturally present in hemp.

As a result, the balance of active ingredients that is present in the plant is to a certain extent upset. With the CBD extraction, the proportion of CBD increases in relation to other phytochemical substances. The higher the concentration of CBD in the product, the more the natural balance with other phytochemicals is changed.

Hemp contains a complex combination of natural ingredients

Hemp is not just CBD and THC. This valuable plant contains a complex combination of botanical active ingredients that complement each other. They are most effective when in perfect balance and synergy.

The hemp plant contains more than 426 different chemical compounds, including around 60 different cannabinoids. Other very important components of the hemp plant are terpenes, of which there are more than 200. Then come flavonoids, which likewise have many positive effects on the organism. The hemp plant contains around 20 different types.


A lower concentration of CBD means a better distribution of active ingredients

The extraction process can have a significant effect on what substances are lost through the process and what substances are present in the end product. The CBD extraction process is specifically targeted to extract the cannabinoid CBD. As a result, CBD is concentrated and the percentage of this cannabinoid increases.

The concentration of CBD naturally present in hemp plant is relatively low. That means that by using lower concentrations of this cannabinoid in the end product, we can ensure the most natural distribution of all the active ingredients present in hemp. The balance between CBD and waxes, terpenes and flavonoids will not be upset, but instead will mimic the balance found in nature. Because of the relatively low percentage of CBD in 3% CBD drops, the balance of ingredients found in nature is maintained to the greatest possible extent.



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