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The 6 most common ways to use CBD oil


CBD oil is gaining favour by the day among the alternative approaches for alleviating various illnesses and skin problems. However, despite its ever increasing recognition and use, CBD is a relatively new substance and there is still a lot of ambiguity regarding its use and application. Below we have chosen six of the most common ways to use CBD oil, which vary according to their ease of use, purpose for use, and the effect that individual users want to achieve.


The 6 most common ways to use CBD oil

1. Absorption through the mucous membrane (under the tongue)

Absorption of CBD through the mucous membrane is among the most common and popular forms of its use. This method makes efficient use of CBD and has fast results as the active ingredients of CBD oil are directly absorbed through the mucous membrane in the mouth. In the area below the tongue, there are a large number of capillaries and small veins through which CBD enters directly into the bloodstream. Through this method of ingestion, CBD bypasses the digestive system and liver and passes straight into the bloodstream with better results. CBD drops and CBD resin are the most suitable types for this method. When using drops, those with a smaller concentration of CBD, e.g. 3% and 5%, can be used to start. Drops are also available with higher concentrations of CBD - 10% and 15%. Resin generally has a higher concentration of CBD and is effective for more serious autoimmune conditions and illnesses.

The process of absorption through the mucous membrane:

Apply CBD drops (the amount is dependent on the condition that is being treated, on average 3 drops) beneath the tongue. For resin, squeeze out an amount beneath the tongue the equivalent of a grain of rice.

Swirl the drops or resin under the tongue and leave it to absorb. This should take approximately one or two minutes. Be careful not to swallow any saliva during the process.

After that minute you can swallow your saliva and rinse out your mouth with water or another liquid.


2. Oral use of CBD oil (swallowing CBD oil)

When ingested, CBD oil travels through the stomach into the digestive system and liver where it metabolises and then enters the bloodstream. The effectiveness of CBD is lessened when using this method, and the time it takes for the first result is also significantly longer. This method of using CBD oil is recommended for relieving problems with the stomach or digestive system.


3. Vaping

Vaping is becoming an ever more popular method for inhalation of CBD oil. With this method CBD enters the bloodstream via the lungs, thus its effectiveness is greater than using the method of ingestion (via the stomach). Likewise, vaping brings an immediate effect, as absorption through the lungs is significantly faster than through the digestive system. This method is also faster than that of absorption through the mucous membrane, however, the result using this method does not last as long as that through the mucous membrane.


4. Rectal administration (candles)

This method of use of is highly recommended in cases where the goal is alleviating problems of the digestive organs (e.g. Crohn's disease). In addition to a direct effect on the digestive system, rectal use of CBD oil has other benefits, one being greater effectiveness of CBD. The intestine membranes are able to quickly absorb high concentrations of CBD cannabinoid, which are then distributed into the bloodstream.


5. Mixing into drinks or food, or taken in capsule form

This method of use involves the same absorption process as that of taking CBD oil without additives. Using CBD by mixing it into drinks or food, or taking it in capsule form is slower and, as a rule, less effective. It is popular mainly due to its simplicity, does not have an unpleasant taste and dosing is exact (capsules).


6. Application to the skin



CBD is also effective for treating various skin problems, and in this case, the best results are achieved by applying it directly to the affected area. The skin has its own endocannabinoid system with receptors, through which the applied CBD is then absorbed. CBD on the skin can be used for problems such as dermatitis, psoriasis, itchy skin, acne and various rashes. Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm has a high concentration of CBD resin, which for optimal effect is formulated with hemp oil, and mango and shea butter. CBD oil can be added to the ointment as required by putting a few drops into the ointment and mixing it.

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