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The golden award for the innovation


    Last week we headed off to 13th regional Chamber of commerce awards for innovation. We were up for award for innovation in skincare formulations, alongside some tough competition with 27 other innovative companies from our region in Slovenia, including Slovene’s largest pharmaceutical company Krka and one of Europe’s biggest mobile home manufacturers, Adria!
    So, we are totally thrilled and overwhelmed we won the golden award!


    "My name is Barbara Novak and I am Head of development here at Hemptouch. For me, this is a particularly special award because it celebrates what’s at the heart of Hemptouch. I want to create products that make a real and lasting difference to sensitive skin. It made me realize just how proud I am to be in the skincare business!

    The beauty industry’s best kept secret is that most skincare brands do not create their own products. The vast majority outsource the product development to external formulators.
    At Hemptouch we want to create products that make a real and lasting difference to sensitive skin. We control every aspect of creating the innovative formulas - from growing hemp on our fields to ingredient selection. It’s a huge commitment and investment, but we believe it’s what makes our products so special and performance driven.

    For us here at Hemptouch, it’s a labour of love and to have that recognised is incredible!"
    Barbara Novak, Head of development

    Hemptouch_Barbara_Novak innovation award

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