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A 3-step guide to a perfect skincare regime


We probably all agree that facial care should be quite simple. Nevertheless, with the growing number of new products, it has become a genuine challenge for many. Can water replace cleansing gel? Do I really need a tonic? Should I apply cream in the morning and in the evening? Which cream should I choose for my skin type? There are many questions and dilemmas and we will try to answer some of them below in our perfect skincare regime guide.


3 step guide to a perfect skincare regime

A guide to a perfect skincare regime



The main rule of this step is very simple. The skin should be cleansed in the morning and in the evening. Morning cleansing removes all traces of sweat and skin fat that has accumulated on the epidermis overnight. The only exception to morning cleansing, whereby cleansing with gel can be replaced by using just water, is in the case of very dry skin. However, that does not apply to an evening skincare regime. Evening cleansing not only removes makeup from the skin, but also excess sebum, sweat, dead skin cells and impurities from the environment that have accumulated on the epidermis during the day. Choosing the right cleanser is, of course, extremely important. It should be gentle enough and respect the pH of the skin yet still effective.

At Hemptouch we have therefore created a facial cleansing gel based on hemp hydrolate, chlorella algae and cedar essential oil.  Gently massage the cleansing gel into damp skin. Leave for a minute or two so that the active ingredients come in contact with the skin. After use, your skin will be clean, fresh and ready for further care.



The next step that follows cleansing is to restore the skin’s pH, and by moisturising. The acid coat of the skin exceeds its ideal value immediately after cleansing, so its balance needs to be restored. In addition to the ideal pH value, the skin is thirsty for moisture after cleansing. Skin needs to be quickly quenched, revitalised and prepared to receive the active ingredients in the final step of our skincare regime. At this point, antioxidants, vitamins, hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients that help ensure a healthy, uniform and radiant complexion are especially welcome.

All of this can be found in Hemptouch's exceptional Moisturising Bright Essence ensuring a radiant complexion. Apply the essence to the face using a gentle stroking movement, in an upwards direction from the chin to the forehead. Take time to enjoy the sensory pampering with a rose aroma. Use essence after every cleansing of the skin or when skin needs an additional boost of moisture and refreshment.



The final step of the perfect skincare regime is, of course, a face cream. This is an extremely important skincare step, and the most common one, as well. Which is why choosing the proper face cream is the key to a radiant complexion. Our grandmothers already knew that by using a quality face cream, youthful and healthy skin can be maintained even when we are no longer so dewy young. The perfect cream is one that captures moisture in the skin, softens, nourishes and protects it. The skin is relaxed and supple after applying the cream, and dehydration wrinkles are less noticeable. However, particular care should be taken when choosing a cream in terms of which target action to choose. Different creams address different skin problems and adapt to the skin's various needs.

Here at Hemptouch we are aware that dry and sensitive skin needs a different tending to than oily skin with impurities. The needs of dry and dehydrated skin will best be met by Nurturing Face cream with its winning combination of natural extracts and hemp ingredients. Its texture is light and quickly absorbed, but nevertheless extremely nourishing. For oily skin we created Balancing face cream, rich with CBD oil. With the synergy of valuable hemp ingredients, the cream soothes the excessive secretion of skin sebum and has a cleansing effect. Both creams also work great as a foundation before applying makeup.

skincare regime


Tips to remember

As your skincare regime changes over time, perhaps the most important piece of information to remember is that less is often more. An excessive combination of various active ingredients and products does not always yield the expected results. Always “listen to your skin” and skincare should be adapted accordingly. If you find that your new skincare routine doesn’t work right away, it is important to realise that it is necessary to be patient when it comes to skincare (and if any product promises immediate results, be careful). It takes two to three months for your skin to adapt to a new product.  The exception, of course, is if the skincare product causes any irritation or allergic reactions - in which case, stop using it immediately.


Be consistent and patient

As with many things in life, consistency is key to a perfect skincare regime - consistent care day after day, morning and evening is key to creating and maintaining the best results.


And most importantly ...

Trust the positive effect and your skin and follow the plan you have set for yourself!

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