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Natural hair shampoo is gentle hydrolate shampoo


Our ancestors believed that hair was an energy conductor, which gave them a very special power. Nowadays, hair is primarily the crown of beauty and we use various products, which promise us fast results. In all the rush of expectations of perfection, however, there are more and more problems every day, which affect both the scalp and the hair. Seborrheic dermatitis, hair loss, dandruff, sensitive scalp, greasy hair and many others, are the problem of many people. We delve into the composition of our shampoos and pay more attention to the perfect hair care when we encounter a problem.

hydrolate shampoo


Natural shampoos do not bring you worry

Two most commonly used ingredients are in the conventional shampoos and we should avoid them.

- ARTIFICIAL FOAMERS, otherwise known as Sodium Laureth Sulphate

Their job is to combine water and fat, while creating a luxurious foam that creates a wow cleansing effect, which is unfortunately misleading. In addition to all impurities and excess fat, they also remove the protective hydrolipid layer of the skin from the scalp, which, however, our scalp urgently needs to maintain the natural protection of the scalp. Prolonged use of sulphates thus dries out the hair and can lead to scalp irritation. A much better choice are sulphate-free shampoos, which do not create as glamorous a foam as sulphate versions, but are no less effective cleansers. They thoroughly cleanse your hair and scalp while maintaining a valuable hydrolipid layer in balance.


Silicone is a synthetic material derived from the chemical combination of hundreds of different components, the main ones being oxygen and silicon. Silicones are the ones that give hair a feeling of softness and shine, but in the end, they can do quite a bit of damage. They create a layer around each hair, which makes the hair impermeable, this prevents moisture and other nutrients from reaching the hair, all of which makes the hair dry and brittle. The more layers of silicone, the heavier the hair and thus more susceptible to grease. Silicones can also be to blame for rashes, itching and irritation of the hair follicles, which can also be the cause of hair loss.


Natural shampoos can also be effective cleansers

It may seem impossible, but we can clean the scalp effectively in a natural way. What’s more, we can nurture the hair with valuable herbs and vegetable oils during the wash itself, without putting unnecessary strain on it.


Hemp shampoo with hydrolate

The formula of hemp shampoo is based on a gentle herbal cleansing base. It cleanses the scalp gently and at the same time strengthens the hair. In addition to the cleansing plant base, the shampoo with hydrolate also contains valuable essential oils and plant extracts:

- Cold pressed hemp oil; with an optimal ratio of omega fats, it strengthens the hydrolipid layer of the scalp and deeply nourishes and protects the hair.
- Hemp hydrolate; accelerates microcirculation and acts as an invigorating tonic for the scalp.
- Sage nutmeg essential oil; it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, soothes itchy and irritated scalp and regulates the secretion of skin fat.
- German chamomile essential oil; it has a regenerative and soothing effect on the scalp and gives the hair a radiant shine.


Washing hair is also an art

Since hair care is a real ritual, we have prepared some useful tips for you:

  • A few hours before washing your hair, rub vegetable oil or butter into your scalp and hair, which will nourish your hair well.
  • If you find it difficult to get used to shampooing with less foam, we advise you to use two steps when washing your hair; the first shampooing should be cleansing, and in the second shampooing use only a few drops of shampoo and allow the shampoo with hydrolate to provide a nourishing cleansing. In the second step of cleaning, you can expect a lot more foam, which will also be thicker.
  • Thorough rinsing is very important no matter how very natural the shampoo is. You have removed all the remnants of the shampoo from your hair when the feeling on wet hair do not run so smoothly.
  • The last rinse should be cold water (if you are brave enough for this step, of course), cold water closes the keratin scales nicely, and the hair gets a nice shine.
  • Dry your hair in the air, with as few temperature fluctuations as possible, in winter, of course, you should use a dryer, but be careful.
  • Do not pull and rub wet hair coarsely, but just soak it gently. Strong movements can break and damage the hair, as wet ones are even more susceptible to damage.


Hydrolate shampoo can also be a gentle cleanser of your skin!

With the help of hydrolate shampoo, the whole family can have strong, healthy and shiny hair. Moreover, what is even better, the shampoo is so gentle that we can use it on a daily basis. Besides your hair, you can also gently wash your body. It often happens that we do a lot of damage by using the wrong shower products. Like the scalp, the skin on our body deserves the best care. That we will radiate strength with the whole body and not just with the hair.

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