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How can we prevent herpes naturally?


We are already familiar with nature’s remarkable creations from hemp, but the same is true for other natural extracts and essential oils. It is the synergy of the full spectrum of compounds that gives the best effects, and this is the greatest appeal of natural extracts. Each invdividual compound is an indispensable part of a whole that only nature can create so perfectly.

Clove essential oil (Eugenia caryophyllus) is no exception. It is known for its strong antiviral activity, which is the reason why we chose it for the formulation of our Intensive Lip Balm.

What are essential oils?

Volatile substances are found in different parts of plants. It is a misconception that the essential oils we can buy in bottles are contained in the plant itself. They are the product of a distillation or cold-pressing process. Individual chemical reactions and changes take place during the distillation process which cause the essential oil we later buy in a small bottle to be different from the volatile substances in the plant. We can tell that is true just by smelling the plant and comparing the scent with the essential oil extracted from the primary plant - the two are obviously different.

How do essential oils affect the skin?

Essential oils are lipophilic compounds - this means they dissolve in fats, oils and lipids and therefore have the ability to penetrate the skin. They have various effects on the skin, including anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and toning.

Lip herpes (herpes labialis)

Herpes is caused by viruses that most often choose nerve cells as their hosts. They can lie dormant for a long time until the herpes is triggered. One of the best known viruses in the herpes family is herpes simplex I, which usually appears on the lips.

There are several possible triggers for a herpes outbreak, but the most common ones are certainly a drop in immunity, hormonal imbalances, stress, high temperature and similar.

Natural protection with clove essential oil

Essential oils have antiviral properties when applied to the skin topically. Eugenol is a compound found in high levels in clove essential oil and is considered very effective against herpes simplex I/II virus.

Intensive Lip Balm

The extraordinary power of the Intensive Lip Balm lies in the combination of cold-pressed hempseed oil, beeswax and clove essential oil, which provide effective protective care against external influences and the appearance of herpes. The lip balm instantly relaxes and softens the lips. It’s the perfect choice for dry, dehydrated and sensitive lips.

Intensive Lip Balm 4.5 ml

This nourishing hemp balm enriched with precious beeswax and clove oil conditions and protects dry and sensitive lips. Relieves t.. Details


Katja P.

I had herpes and needed something effective and natural at the same time. I have dry, chapped lips and this balm heals and gives them the moisture they need fast.

Eva V.

It smells nice and feels like butter; very useful if you feel a cold sore coming on too. You apply it quickly and nip the herpes in the bud.J

Špela S.

I’ve tried all the drugstore lip balms that are supposed to nourish and moisturise the lips, but none of them come close to Hemptouch. Extremely satisfied, I’ll 100% stock up on it.

How to keep the delicate skin of your lips balanced from day to day? We recommend the Hydrating CBD Lip Balm.

The skin of your lips is extremely thin, delicate and prone to dehydration, as it cannot form the necessary oils on its own to provide sufficient protection. That is precisely why consistent lip care is so important to maintain nourished, soft and glossy lips.

Hydrating CBD Lip Balm can help you make sure your lips are moisturised and nourished daily.

The 100% natural formula combines the soothing and nourishing properties of CBD, hempseed oil and bisabolol. It soothes and softens the delicate skin of the lips, as well as provides intense hydration throughout the day. It coats the lips in a fresh lime fragrance and keeps them moisturised, supple and shiny day after day.

We have also included an essential oil in the formulation of the Hydrating CBD Lip Balm - one that is known for its invigorating effect and supportive antibacterial action. It is the lime essential oil, which promotes joy and optimism and protects the skin with its antibacterial and toning activity.

Hydrating CBD Lip Balm 4.5 ml

Hydrates, softens and soothes dry and dehydrated lips. With its 100% natural formula, this lip balm combines the calming and nour.. Details


Majda B.

New lip balm: I’m a loyal user of your lip balm. Since I’ve been using it for many years, I also immediately notice if anything has changed (lubricity, bravo ...). I can only commend you - it’s great for me, and everyone else in the family has one too; we use it very often. I recommend this lip balm to everyone with dry lips because it really helps.


Tomažič T.

A great lip balm: The lip balm really rehydrated my lips in a very short time and also eliminated my cold sores quickly. Besides, it smells great too! I highly recommend!!


Eva G.

Super! I’m very satisfied. It leaves my lips feeling pleasant and moisturises them well.



The perfect nourishing balm: The balm stays on and protects the lips for a long time. Its smell and taste are mild too, which is something I enjoy. A great product!



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