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Hydrolate Shampoo - Number 1 according to British haircare experts


Do you remember the shampoo our grandmothers used? It takes us back to our childhood when our hair, soft and supple like silk, fluttered in the gentle breeze as if the freshness of nature has done its part.

It is the hair that, in addition to the glowing face, expresses our health and self-care. Hair symbolizes freedom and some say that women’s power is hidden in her hair. There is nothing more beautiful than looking at freshly washed and healthy hair.

Hydrolate Shampoo - Number 1 according to British haircare experts


Shampoo with a touch of nature

Can you imagine the smell of hemp hydrolate mixed with bergamot, chamomile and clary sage? Like a spring day on the colourful meadow! At Hemptouch, we have created a Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo suitable for body and hair care, regardless of skin type or condition.

The shampoo gently cleanses, soothes and balances the sensitive scalp, and has a beneficial effect on the sensitive and reaction-prone scalp. Due to its extremely gentle and 100% natural composition, it is also suitable for baby skincare.


5 tricks to make your hair shine!

Hair needs our attention, probably more than we think. Make hair washing your next favourite job!


1. Brush your hair well before washing. This will speed up the circulation of the scalp and prepare your hair for care.

2. Use a shampoo with a hydrolate and gently massage it into your wet scalp. Use cold water as hot water makes your hair dry quickly, which on the long run can even damage your hair. Coldwater also keeps the keratin scales closed.

Tip: It is best to wash your head separately (not when you are taking a shower). This way you will not feel cold water on your body.

3. Scalp massage also plays an important role in hair care. Massage has a beneficial effect on the scalp and speeds up circulation, so your hair will be grateful if you massage your scalp with your fingers. This will open the pores and remove any dead cells from the scalp. Repeat the process as needed, but you can also add a gentle hydrolate shampoo to your bath. This way your entire body will benefit from the beneficial oils and herbs.

Tip: Start massaging at the top of your head and travel in circular motions towards your ears. Then move to the back of your head and finish towards the front to the forehead. With small circular motions move through the entire scalp.

4. Dry your hair gently with a towel. Do not rub your hair too much, but rather gently wrap it and allow excess water to soak in the towel.

Tip: Use the hairdryer only when the hair is no longer wet but only moist. Otherwise, the effect will be similar to that in hot water; hair will quickly become dry and break faster. Also, set the dryer to low temperature as hot air can damage your sensitive hair.

5. Combing hair has also its symbolism. Combing significantly improves the circulation of the scalp, the more times you comb your hair, the healthier and shinier it will be.

Tip: Use natural-bristled wooden brushes or combs to help massage your scalp and keep your hair intact.


Why is Hydrolate Shampoo Number 1 by many users?

#1 Hydrolate shampoo does not contain artificial foaming agents, as they remove the protective hydro-lipid layer from the scalp as well as grease and impurities. In such cases, the skin receives the information to start producing more fat, which in turn results in greasy hair.

#2 Shampoo contains only the best natural ingredients. Hemp oil revitalizes the skin and enhances its ability to regenerate. Hemp hydrolate is a rare flower water that promotes microcirculation, invigorates the skin and improves the appearance of pores. We also added clary sage to the shampoo, which is known as a medicinal herb that soothes the itchy and irritated skin. It also prevents hair loss and helps eliminate dandruff.

#3 Awarded by British Hair Care Professionals. The Shampoo received the Bizzie Baby Silver Award for 2019 among baby care products in the Shampoo & Hair Care category. The product convinced the jury with its gentle composition, which provides for sensitive skin and scalp, as well as with its efficiency, as it regulates the pH of the skin and provides the appearance of healthy, natural and shiny hair.

#4 Quality Certificate. The shampoo is certified for sensitive and atopic skin, it is also dermatologically tested, and the product has not been tested on animals and is of vegan origin.


Let washing hair become your favourite ritual!

What enriches us in an increasingly fast-paced world are the little attentions we give to ourselves. A fresh cup of delicious tea, a book that pulls us in with its story, beauty rituals that become a rite in our everyday life.

Let care for the hair becomes your daily ritual. After morning and evening skincare of your face, neck and décolletage, take five minutes to brush and massage your hair. At the same time say thank you for a wonderful day, put a drop of your favourite oil on the pillow and finish the day peacefully.

Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo 250 ml

This ultra-gentle hemp shampoo has a delicate cleansing base of plant origin that soothes the scalp, invigorates and balances. Da.. Details


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