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Winning CBD Cosmetics - Beauty Shortlist Awards


We are honored and excited to share the happy news with you! This year’s announcement of the acclaimed British Beauty Shortlist Awards crowned four Hemptouch products. Our brand was taken among the top finalist for the flattering title of the best CBD brand. For the 10th year in a row, the Beauty Shortlist Awards reveal winning skincare, health and wellness products.

Beauty Shortlist Awards is one of the most trusted awards in the world. The appraisal takes place completely independently, with the help of three expert committees in the UK, USA and Australia.



What are beauty shortlist awards?

The awards were founded ten years ago under the auspices of beauty journalist and healthy lifestyle advocate, Fione Klonardies. During this period, Fiona became an authority in the field of natural beauty and health. She was voted among the top 10 personalities last year in the field of natural beauty (Natural beauty news). Beauty Shortlist award marks a decade of natural beauty and remains one of the largest awards in the world. Top-rated products and product from ethnical brands that stand out are on their list.

Pristine Forest Body Lotion 200 ml - OLD

This intensive care lotion is a concentration of pure plant extracts that provides fortifying nourishment for dry, flaky and/or ti.. Details



Independent 100 %

Awards carry a lot of weight because they are completely independent and never sponsored. Published content on their site is always only a selection of editors and never the result of sponsorship. Their contents, therefore, represent credible opinions and views on current developments in the beauty industry.


What has 2020 brought to us

The year 2020 has besides the round anniversary, impressed with fresh categories of awards, including the category for the best CBD Care and the best CBD products for wellbeing.

We could not be more proud of Hemptouch, as our Pristine Forest Body Lotion became the winner in the category of the best CBD lunch and 10 % drops were selected as the best CBD oil. Soothing CBD Balm and Therapeutic CBD Balm also joined the winners, who convinced the editors to become the winner of the editors' choice in the well-being category.

CBD Oil Amber 1000mg CBD

A boost of the purest CBD extract for your body & mind. CO2 extraction method. Full Spectrum... Details



We know we are on the right way!

Rewards mean a lot to the Hemptouch team. In the flood of CBD cosmetics, that you can find on the shelves today it is a challenge to see why our products are so unique and what their advantage is. Awards such as the Beauty Shortlist Awards are what give the products extra weight and value.

Under the binoculars, we find the quality of the ingredients and all the knowledge together with the philosophy that we always try to catch in the bottle.
When users give us recognition and this is joined by the confirmation of the profession, then we know that we are on the right track!

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