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10 tips for showering for those with sensitive skin


    Showering is one of the most basic steps of skin care that we afford our skin on a daily basis. It's a step that we tend to take for granted, since it is part of our routine, that is until the time our skin shows its distress. When we say 'distress' we mean skin that is prone to irritation, allergies, skin problems and hypersensitivity. In such cases, a combination of factors can lead to the point where the skin reacts even when it comes into contact with seemingly harmless water.

    The role of the skin's acid mantle

    It all starts and ends with the balance of our skin's acid mantle, which plays an important role in protecting the skin, thus determining its condition, well-being and response. If its balance is destroyed, the essential lipids of the epidermis cannot be formed, the skin loses moisture, becomes dry and dehydrated, and thus also very sensitive and subject to the appearance of skin reactions. In this state of imbalance, the epidermis can no longer function as a protective skin barrier, which in the long run often leads to permanent skin problems.

    The key tasks of the acid mantle are:

    - neutralises harmful factors (even intensive cleaning agents)

    - inhibits the reproduction of bacteria

    - restores and maintains an optimal acidic environment, which is the most favourable for the skin's natural flora

    How to protect the skin's acid mantle

    We can certainly contribute to the condition of our skin by choosing the appropriate cleansing gel or cream and being consistent with our skincare routine. However, there are also some other important factors that can contribute to an improvement or deterioration of the condition of reactive and sensitive skin. Below we have put together some practical tips that will help you protect your skin from harmful influences.

    It's important that we pay attention to all substances and materials that we apply to our skin, even those that just come into contact with it. Among other things, for example, it's important to choose fabrics that are natural and not synthetic, switch to natural detergents, avoid using fabric softeners, limit exposure to the sun, always use appropriate protection and avoid direct skin contact with irritating substances.

    Choose shower products carefully

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    Sensitive skin is particularly delicate and even the tiniest of factors can lead to a worsening of its condition. The choice of shower product often unknowingly causes a lot of damage.

    Why? Because conventional shower gels often contain a high concentration of foaming agents, which clean the skin well, but can also dry it out considerably and weaken its protective acid mantle. Sodium laureth sulphate (SLS) is the most common surface-active agent used in shower gels. In addition to the aforementioned foaming agents, fragrances or perfumes are often heavily used in gels and also don't have a very good reputation, especially when it comes to sensitive skin. You are probably wondering at this point, what then should I use to shower with?

    You can find a way of showering and a suitable product that ensures a gentle and skin-friendly shower without worrying, so we invite you to read our top 10 tips on how to shower efficiently, but at the same time gently enough to keep the skin healthy and in balance.

    10 tips for how to shower if you have sensitive skin

    • Ensure you don't spend too long in the shower, as long, hot showers can damage your skin. Showering washes away the skin's natural oils, thus also causing a loss of moisture. If you have dry and sensitive skin, take care to ensure the time you spend in the shower is limited to a maximum of five to ten minutes.
    • The temperature of the water is an exceedingly important factor. Of course, standing under running cool or tepid water isn't the most pleasant of sensations, but hot water causes the skin to lose its natural fats, which play a very important role in protecting the skin. The optimal temperature of tepid water when showering is around 37°C.
    • Less is more; avoid ingredients such as artificial foaming agents, dyes, silicones, parabens and synthetic fragrances that have no added value for your skin. Also, use products with an exfoliating effect (both mechanical and chemical) or exfoliating gloves and sponges sparingly, as they can further damage sensitive skin.
    • Check if your shower product is suitable for use on sensitive skin. In order to make this claim, products must pass a test that confirms their suitability for the needs of sensitive skin.
    • Always rinse away shower gel or cream thoroughly.
    • After showering, pat the skin gently with a towel and avoid rough wiping. It is better to leave the skin still slightly damp and apply a moisturising lotion as quickly as possible to trap and lock as much moisture as possible in the skin.
    • After showering, moisturise the skin with a moisturising body lotion or lock in moisture with a rich ointment. When choosing skincare products, follow the guidelines for quality cosmetics that are created for the needs of sensitive skin.
    • If the water in your area is very hard, use a water softener filter.
    • If you use natural cosmetics and would like to ensure that your shower gel is completely natural, the percentage of ingredients is important. Only use those that have over 95% natural ingredients.
    • Certified products have an additional guarantee of trust, as the certificates are backed by internationally recognised organisations that follow strict standards for the quality and safety of cosmetic products. Among the most established and recognised natural cosmetics certificates are Natrue and Cosmos.

    At Hemptouch, we deal with sensitive skin every day

    Our main mission is to relieve skin problems with the help of hemp products, and in doing so, change the lives of users of our products for the better. We already have almost all the key products in our product range, the only thing missing was a shower product. So, we devoted special attention to formulating our Comforting Cream Body Wash, because we know what an important role it can play.

    Gentle cleansing care that begins to moisturise, soften and pamper the skin while you shower.

    Our Comforting Cream Body Wash combines gentle care and relaxing freshness. It does not contain sulphates, instead it cleanses the skin with the help of a gentle plant base that does not dry it out. The formulation of the shower cream combines the powers of hemp oil and grape seed oil, which together further strengthen the hydrolipidic layer of the epidermis and lead the skin to silky softness and comfort. The luxurious creamy texture of the shower cream brings soothing, softness and a feeling of relaxation to the skin. The 100% natural fragrance of the litsea cubeba give the showering ritual a sense of lightness, which provides a feeling of relaxation and freshness.

    The body wash cream does not contain soap or sulphates, so it is suitable for all skin conditions. It was created with special consideration for dry, sensitive and atopic skin. Due to its extremely gentle and 100% natural composition, it is also suitable for children's delicate skin.

    Comforting Cream Body Wash 250 ml

    Gentle cleansing care that begins to moisturise, soften and pamper the skin while you shower. This creamy body wash is based on a.. Details


    Continue your skincare routine by applying Pristine Forest Body Lotion.

    For the best effect, gentle cleansing of the body should always be followed by effective moisturising, which additionally nourishes and protects the skin. Immediately after showering, apply our Pristine Forest Body Lotion in circular motions over the entire surface of the body. Your skin will thus be soothed, relaxed and cared for throughout the day.

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