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Amiris - A sustainable alternative to the famous Sandalwood


Sandalwood has been recognised and valued for thousands of years and is used for a wide variety of purposes. Pure sandalwood essential oil is suitable for all skin types, especially for older skin, as it has rejuvenating, restorative and beneficial effects. Essential oil is extracted from the central part of the trunk of sandalwood trees. It moisturizes skin and helps to maintain its elasticity and suppleness. Sandalwood is also described as an aphrodisiac, which is certainly one of the important characteristics that ranks this exotic substance on the list of the most desirable fragrances in perfumery. Due to its warm, soft and yet lasting notes, it is often said that sandalwood gives fragrances soul and character.


Will the Sandalwood tree become extinct?

Unfortunately, the story of sandalwood, as with many other such woods, also has a darker side. Due to its exceptional popularity (it is used in perfumes, cosmetics and in religious rituals) and consequently its high price, sandalwood has become a subject of exploitation and rapid deforestation. If the sandalwood tree is not given protected status soon, this precious commodity could be lost forever from our planet. Unlike coffee and tea plantations, sandalwood requires a wilderness area in which best to grow and thrive.

Sustainable plantations like a 'nursery of sandalwood trees'


In order to provide a much-needed solution to the rapid deforestation of sandalwood trees, in Sri Lanka a sustainable plantation programme has been established where tree felling is carefully monitored and controlled, and every tree that is felled is replaced by a new one. Younger and smaller trees are cared for in special plantations and when the trees reach a height of one metre they are replanted in the forest. Locals also refer to these plantations as 'a nursery of sandalwood trees'. The fence around the plantation also provides protection from wild animals and possible theft. More than 40 people are employed in the programme, among them agriculturists, specialists in the sustainable cultivation of plants and others. This provides much-needed financial security for over 30 families, whilst opening new employment opportunities for the local population. The programme has been awarded a certificate for the protection and preservation of the environment.


Amyris – a sustainable version of sandalwood

All the active ingredients of amyris essential oil are the same as that of sandalwood, it is only the smell that differentiates it from the endangered version. Amyris is an evergreen tree with beautiful white flowers that grows on mountain slopes in Haiti. The trunk typically contains a lot of resin, which has an exceptionally lovely smell. Due to the large quantities of oil in the wood, it is often also called 'torchwood' or 'candlewood'. Amyris essential oil is obtained by distilling the bark of dried trees, and similar to sandalwood, it can be used for a wide variety of purposes.


Amyris soothes, protects and nourishes sensitive skin

Due to the sandalwood tree being an endangered species, we have excluded this essential oil from our products and instead added amyris essential oil. The fact the amyris is too frequently hidden in the shade of the more well-known sandalwood is, to put it mildly, wrong.

In addition to its exceptionally pleasant, intense and calming aroma, amyris also has a lot of beneficial effects for skin. It protects it from infections and effectively alleviates various skin problems. It nourishes, renews and protects skin from the formation of wrinkles, thus ensuring healthy and shiny looking skin.

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