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CBD oil for dogs


Lately a lot has been said and written about CBD, a substance which has numerous beneficial effects for our bodies. Every day some kind of new finding about CBD can be found on the list, and based on all the positive properties of CBD oil, we find ourselves increasingly asking why shouldn't these beneficial effects also be shared with our four-legged friends.


All mammals have their own endocannabinoid system

It is known that all mammals have their own endocannabinoid system, which comprises receptors located in the brain, nervous system and immune cells. The endocannabinoid system ensures that our bodies are in balance and able to cope more easily with everday environmental stress. Imbalances of the endocannabinoid system are often the cause of health problems and malaise.


Phytocannabinoids also help pets

In cases where the body's balance has been destroyed, nature has come to assist by offering us CBD – a substance derived from hemp. It could be said that it is the missing piece of the puzzle which forms the completeness of our body's system of defence. Since pets also have their own endocannabinoid system, plant cannabinoids such as CBD are able to successfully bind to the receptors in their body.


Two different types of receptors:

CB1 Receptors: are located in the brain, nervous system, glands and organs
CB2 Receptors: are located in the cells of the immune system


CBD oil for dogs: when should you use it

CBD can help your dog in cases of acute or chronic problems. It is known to work very effectively in alleviating pain, helping to strengthen the immune system, as an anti-inflammatory, alleviating skin problems, aiding digestive disorders and, last but not least, helping to combat stress and reducing aggression. There really are many beneficial factors that can help our furry friends, and veterinarians are discovering more by the day, among them that CBD has a beneficial effect for dislocations, fractures, muscle tension and arthritis.

A good example are New Year's Eve fireworks, which, for many dogs are a real nightmare and a cause of stress. Some people shut their pets in bathrooms, others prepare them a shelter beneath the bed, all with a desire to protect them from these crazy moments. One of our users told us that since she has been giving her dog CBD, it is able to survive the festive period noticably calmer and less stressed. There are also a lot of positive responses in soothing pain (including those caused by cancer), alleviating pain in the haunches which restricts dogs' movement, and the list goes on...


Is CBD safe for my dog?

As with every healthy substance, it is always prudent to use caution, and the same rules applies to CBD. It is important that the dosage is increased gradually and, in doing so, our pets' reaction is carefully monitored. It is necessary to give the body time to get used to and accept cannabinoids. Therefore, it is possible that the effect won't be noticeable immediately, as it all depends on the problem that your pet is facing. In cases of inflammation and chronic problems, it is necessary to be patient, whilst for mild conditions, the effect can sometimes be noticeable after just a few hours.


How much CBD does your dog need

The dose of CBD must always be adjusted to suit the bodyweight of your dog. Every dog is different, therefore we cannot say how much CBD will be needed to allieviate problems in individual dogs. The highest permitted dosage is between 3-8 milligrammes of CBD per kilogramme of bodyweight. This means that it is recommended to start with less than 3 milligrammes and then gradually increase the dose every few days until the desired effect is achieved.


What are the possible side effects

There is no need to worry that as a result of taking CBD your dog will be subject to psychoactive effects, in other words, you won't drug your pet by giving it CBD. The most common side effect is mild drowsiness, similar to the effect brought on by other medicines for animals.

Hemp is a natural, safe and effective product, not only for people but also for our animal friends. Why wouldn't we want to also offer them alternative possibilities for alleviating problems and, in doing so, help them find balance and joyful high spirits.

Therefore, a word about CBD should also be spread to the world of pets and let it help all our furry friends!

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