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How to calm anxiety? Effective methods and the impact of CBD


Anxiety is a condition characterised by feelings of fear, unpleasantness, nervous tension, agitation and threat. Symptoms can appear suddenly or gradually. They may last for a few minutes (for example in panic attacks) or persist and interfere with everyday activities (in generalised anxiety disorder).

And with anxiety thought to affect as many as 10% of people worldwide, it is very important that it is both detected and treated effectively as early as possible.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Anxiety affects us as a whole, as the symptoms of anxiety manifest themselves at different levels (thoughts, feelings, physical signs, behaviours) and interact, stimulate and maintain each other.

  • Mental symptoms: difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, excessive worry, inner turmoil, tension, irritability, tearfulness, thoughts of negativity (such as "I'm going crazy"; "I can't take it anymore"; "I'm going to embarrass myself"), fear of losing control, mood swings, etc.
  • Physical symptoms: palpitations, sweating, headaches, nausea, rapid breathing, chest pain, abdominal pain, dizziness, tingling or numbness, etc. 
  • Behavioural signs: insomnia, avoidance of anxiety-provoking situations, social isolation, restless movement (e.g. tapping foot), increased drug and alcohol use, etc.

First aid for anxiety: self-help and calming techniques

The good news is that people who are prone to anxiety are able to do a lot on their own to alleviate their feelings of anxiety. It helps to fight anxiety to the greatest extent:

  • Physical activity: regular exercise has long been known to help reduce stress and release mood-enhancing endorphins.
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques: relaxation techniques, which can be practised alone or with guidance, also help to calm the body and mind. Meditation and relaxation techniques can help you both when anxiety is starting to set in and when you can already sense that changes are happening in your body and mind. There are several relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, visualisation, progressive muscle relaxation, breathing exercises, etc.
  • Journaling: regularly writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal can also help to reduce feelings of anxiety. By putting our worries on paper, we can analyse and manage them more easily, which helps us to understand ourselves and our emotional reactions better.
  • A balanced diet Avoid caffeine, nicotine and artificial additives and choose fresh, unprocessed foods such as whole-grain cereals, leafy green vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

What role does CBD play in anxiety management?

CBD affects the receptors of our endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for establishing and maintaining homeostasis in our body. CB1 and CB2 receptors are the neural pathways through which the endocannabinoid system regulates bodily responses such as mood, emotions, pain, movement and so on.

Cannabinoids from hemp have the ability to compensate for the deficiency of cannabinoids in our system and prevent over-stimulation of the CB1 receptor. CBD also affects the function of the serotonin 5-HT1A receptor, which is responsible for our mood and feelings of happiness and contentment. It is these two receptors that are thought to play a key role in anxiety.

CBD is also a natural support for the body in overcoming symptoms of anxiety.

So which products do we recommend?

First of all, CBD drops (CBD oil), which are the ideal prevention against stress and in times of great strain and stress.

CBD Oil Amber 150 mg CBD 5 ml (3%)

A full-spectrum hemp extract with an exceptional balance of all naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. Optimal synergy for.. Details


In addition to the drops, you can also use CBD spray and CBD hemp resin to combat anxiety.

CBD paste 16 %, 5 ml

A pure, full-spectrum CBD paste with all naturally occurring cannabinoids, their acidic forms, and terpenes. The full spectrum syn.. Details


The latter contains a CBD extract with a higher ratio of CBD and a range of other cannabinoids including CBG, CBG- and CBC. The ideal ratio of all active ingredients mimics that found in nature and therefore ensures a synergistic or 'entourage' effect and thus the highest therapeutic potential.


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