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Acne skin care: the right routine and the most common mistakes


Acne is a skin condition where the hair follicle becomes clogged with dead skin cells and sebum. It is characterised by the appearance of white or blackheads and pimples, and a markedly oily complexion.

The most common causes of acne in adults are hormonal imbalance, stress, unhealthy diet and inadequate skin care. In addition, the occurrence of acne is also largely attributed to genetics.

Although acne is more common during puberty, it is not limited to the adolescent years. Many people continue to suffer from acne well into their twenties or even thirties, and occasionally acne flares up later in life.

What are the most common acne skin care mistakes?

Of course you should wash your face if you have acne, but did you know that too much cleansing can irritate your skin and even make it worse? We've rounded up some of the most common skincare mistakes that can make acne worse:

  • Cleaning your skin too often: as mentioned before, washing your face several times a day can further irritate your skin and cause it to get worse. We recommend washing your face only twice a day - when you get up and before you go to bed. During the day, for example, wash only after heavy sweating
  • Use harsh cleansers: harsh cleansers can dry out the skin and cause larger breakouts, so it is better to choose gentle and balanced cleansers that do not remove the skin's natural oils
  • Pressing acne and pimples: pressing acne can lead to scarring and the spread of bacteria, worsening the skin condition.
  • Changing and testing oily skin care products too often: constantly changing creams and other products can cause skin irritation. Instead, you need to give the products time to take effect (as the full effect only becomes apparent after 3-4 months of use).
  • Sleeping with make-up on: acne can also be aggravated by non-comedogenic make-up (i.e. pore-clogging cosmetics). So always remove your make-up before going to bed - no excuses!
  • Forgetting to moisturise: every skin type (even oily skin) needs moisturising. It's true that you shouldn't use active ingredients such as acids or retinoids every day, but you should also spend one day a week replenishing your skin and strengthening its barrier. If the skin barrier is damaged, this can lead to, among other things, worsening of acne.

What is the ideal regular skincare routine for acne-prone skin?

The good news for those of you who suffer from acne-prone skin is that thoughtful and regular skin care can help keep the skin condition under control. It's just important to be consistent with your skincare routine and discerning with your product choices.

  • Cleaning

A key step in acne skin care is to cleanse thoroughly in the morning and at night. It is also important that the cleansing is gentle enough to avoid drying out the skin further. This means avoiding all artificial foaming agents, fragrances, alcohol and other additives that are potentially irritating.

An effective choice for cleansing your skin is Purifying Face Cleanser, which soothes and deep cleanses sensitive skin - without drying it out.

Purifying Face Cleanser 100 ml

Deeply and gently purifies the skin, washing away make-up, excess oil and dirt without over-drying or stripping the skin of its na.. Details


  • Toning and moisturising

The next important step in an ideal skin routine is to help the skin regain its optimal pH after cleansing. This is done by choosing a product that moisturises the skin and provides it with antioxidants.

The perfect choice of active ingredients is hidden in the Moisturising Bright Essence, which restores suppleness to the skin and enhances the effect of all subsequent skincare steps.

Moisturising Bright Essence 100 ml

A lightweight hydrating serum that delivers deep-level hydration, plumps, and brightens the appearance of the skin while boosting .. Details


  • Target care

If you skip this step, your skin will be even more ungrateful.

For targeted care, Balancing Face Cream - a moisturiser that naturally regulates sebum secretion in oily skin, soothing and protecting against the appearance of pimples and acne - will be especially helpful.

Balancing Face Cream 50 ml

A soothing moisturiser with skin-balancing actives formulated to leave oily and blemish-prone skin calm and comfortable. Improves.. Details


The role of CBD and hemp products in acne skin care

Have you ever wondered why CBD and hemp products are so successful for oily skin?

CBD cannabinoid has the remarkable property of reducing excessive skin oil production and soothing red and inflamed skin without drying it out. Hemp oil, with its ideal ratio of omega fats and antioxidants, strengthens the skin's hydrolipidic layer and soothes sensitive skin, while hemp hydrolat moisturises and boosts microcirculation, tightening pores.

And here's our tip: we also recommend CBD oil support therapy to reduce redness and inflammation.

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