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My skin story - eczema


A few days ago, the mother of a baby boy contacted us.  She was so delighted by our products that she wanted to share her story with us. She also provided photos of her little boy, Luka, and his condition before and after. “I’m really excited and happy that we create such stories,” says Barbara, our development manager. Read on to find out more about what little Luka's mother wrote to us.


Eczema first appeared when Luka was 8 months old

I first encountered atopic dermatitis when my son Luka was 8 months old. Initially, dermatitis appeared in a mild form, but the problems quickly began to escalate. The outbreaks were increasingly severe and were followed by scratching that drew blood, painful showering, waking up to 6 times a night, and daily dressing of the hands.


Despite a strict diet, there was no progress

Later, we also discovered that Luka has allergies to eggs, milk, gluten, nuts, bananas, strawberries, pork, carrots, and potatoes. I removed all allergens (including traces) from his diet, and tried various creams – from prescription to over-the-counter – but there was no noticeable improvement to his skin. The eczema outbreaks kept occurring and we found ourselves in a vicious circle.


The relief came literally overnight

After months of browsing the internet trying to find a solution for avoiding corticosteroids, and finding the right cream that would benefit my child while not harming him, I had almost given up. On the recommendation of a friend, I then ordered Hemptouch Skin Balms (Soothing CBD Skin Balm and Gentle Skin Balm) and tried them on my son for the first time in the evening after showering.


Although it is said that nothing happens overnight, it did literally happen to us in one night. The progress was very obvious, and the day after a severe outbreak there were only a few red spots left on his skin. After 2 days of using the skin balms, there were no traces of dermatitis left on his body. Since then, the situation has been significantly better. We continue to care for his skin using Soothing CBD Skin Balm and Gentle Skin Balm and the results are incredible. We have managed to get rid of dermatitis on most of his body. Where dermatitis is still visible, it is only visible in a milder form.

One of the more severe outbreaks, photographed before applying Hemptouch CBD Balms. On the day of the outbreak, we applied Hemptouch balms for the first time.
the state of the skin the next morning after the first application of Hemptouch CBD Balms.
The state of the skin after two days of using Hemptouch CBD Balms.





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