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All Hemptouch products are 100% microplastic-free


Zero Plastic Inside certificate – a guarantee that all Hemptouch products are 100% microplastic-free


Hemptouch has joined the global Beat the Microbead campaign, which is fighting against the use of microplastics in cosmetics. We are proud holders of a Zero Plastic Inside certificate, meaning that none of our products contain microplastics. Hemptouch is 100% microplastic-free. 

The campaign is run by the Plastic Soup Foundation, an organisation dedicated to fighting the contamination of the oceans and other environments with plastic particles. They also draw attention to the harm that microplastics can do to human health.

The use of cosmetic products containing microplastics can damage our health, the health of ecosystems and the health of future generations. Because of microplastics, the world’s oceans are turning into giant plastic soups. Plastic particles are already present in practically all aquatic organisms.


What are microplastics?

Microplastic is the name we give to very small particles of plastic measuring less than 5 mm. Most of these particles are much smaller still: microparticles that are invisible to the naked eye. In the cosmetics industry they are used in body scrubs, as emulsifiers or as cheap fillers (to increase the volume of a product). More on Microplastics in comsetics.


More and more countries against microplastics in cosmetics

Since 2012 the Beat the Microbead campaign has been successfully raising awareness about the harmful effects of the use of microplastics in products. In this time, more than 15 countries have passed laws banning the use of microplastics in cosmetic products. But it should be pointed out that these bands relate to specific types of microplastics or to specific quantities. Thez do not represent a total ban on all types. The goal is to make all cosmetics microplastic-free.


An app to check for the presence of microplastics in your cosmetics

To date, more than 500 different substances found in microplastics and widely used in cosmetics and personal care products have been identified by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). At least a further 100 substances found in microplastics have recently been discovered. They are believed to have harmful effects on human health and aquatic life.

Because the use of microplastics in cosmetics is still widespread, the Plastic Soup Foundation has created an app that serves as a tool to detect the presence of microplastics in cosmetic products.

Download the Beat the Microbead app and check the microplastics content in the products you use. Enter the name Hemptouch in the app and you will see a 100% microplastic-free certificate.

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