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Summer skin problems and how to avoid them

Everyone loves a summer holiday, but even the most carefree holiday is not guaranteed to be free of skin problems. The good news is that with a few simple precautions, some clever tricks and a little targeted care you can defend yourself against them.

Below we look at some of the commonest skin problems and suggest various ways to deal with them. Here's 5 summer skin problems and how to avoid them.

summer skin problems


1. Acne

Sweat, excess oil and bacteria are the reasons why acne outbreaks are more frequent in the summer months. If your skin is already prone to oiliness and impurities, taking care of it is all the more important in summer. The SPF creams you apply during the day to protect your skin from the sun find their way deep into your pores, so it’s a good idea to divide your bedtime cleansing routine into two stages. In any case you should always cleanse your skin morning and night and after physical activity.

How can you improve the situation?

With regular and thorough cleansing twice a day: cleanse morning and night with Purifying Face Cleanser, then apply Balancing Face Cream to rebalance your skin.


2. Dry skin

Your skin becomes dry when it loses too much oil and moisture, a problem that can be caused by air humidity, hot weather, air conditioning and chlorinated swimming pools.

How can you improve the situation?

The skin can never have enough moisture. But besides moisture it needs a sufficient quantity of oil, which traps moisture in the skin and prevents it from evaporating too quickly. Pay attention to the factors that exacerbate the situation. Once you’ve identified them, try and avoid them as much as possible and be sure to keep your skin supplied with enough moisture and oil, since this is the only way for it to maintain its balance.

We recommend using a combination of Moisturising Bright Essence and Nurturing Face Cream for your daily facial care.

The light, rapidly absorbed texture of Pristine Forest Body Lotion offers excellent care for dry skin, or try our luxurious After Sun Elixir: apply to slightly moist skin immediately after showering.


3. Contact dermatitis

Camping, hiking and spending free time in the great outdoors are pleasures to enjoy in full in the summer. But when enjoying yourself out in the countryside you can also come across plants that cause contact dermatitis, which is reflected in itching, red rashes and, often, itchy fluid-filled blisters. Other factors besides plants that can affect the skin include insects, with mosquitoes being particularly persistent in the summer months. Mosquito bites can be very itchy and uncomfortable and can cause an allergic reaction in the skin that may also be accompanied by swelling.

How can you improve the situation?

The simplest advice is to try and avoid contact with plants that cause reactions and protect yourself from insect bites and stings. It may not always be easy, but with a little care you can prevent many bites and itches. You can also protect yourself by wearing long, light clothing made from natural materials, which as well as being light and airy provide effective protection for your skin.

For skin already affected by bites or irritations, we recommend Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm. This balm acts as first aid for distressed skin that needs rapid relief.


4. Heat rash

Clogged sweat glands lead to rashes, itchiness and irritated skin during the hot months of the year. Rashes of this kind usually pass in a few days, but they can be extremely unpleasant while they last.

How can you improve the situation?

Soothing CBD Skin Balm offers great relief for problems of this kind.


5. Sunburn

Summer fun in the sun can quickly be over if you spend too long soaking up the rays without adequate protection. Sunburn is a thoroughly unpleasant condition involving red and painful skin that is hot to the touch and eventually leads to peeling – not to mention the more serious consequences of overexposure to the sun.

How can you improve the situation?

The most important thing is to ensure adequate protection with the right SPF (sun protection factor). It is also worth making sure that sun cream is applied properly, since this is the only way to guarantee the high level of protection promised by a product. One excellent alternative, of course, is to look for shade and wear light clothing and head coverings.

If despite your precautions you still end up with red, sunburnt skin, you can find relief with After Sun Elixir, which restores moisture and nutrients to the skin, strengthens its self-protective and regenerative functions and prevents peeling. Another big plus is that it contains lemongrass essential oil, which pleasantly perfumes the skin while at the same time providing natural protection against mosquito bites.

Soothing CBD Skin Balm is a versatile product that is also very helpful for sunburn.

Here’s hoping your skin stays healthy and radiant for the rest of the summer, free from rashes, bites, burns and other irritations. But if you don’t manage to avoid all these problems, we hope you will find the above tips useful. May your summer be long, varied and carefree!

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