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Skin cleansing

Cleansing is a fundamental step of any skin care and the alpha and omega of healthy skin. You may be thinking to yourself: why on earth does the cosmetics industry give so much lip service to a step that is so very simple, universal and straightforward? Why do we “hype” cleansing up so much? Becau..

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CBD And THC - Do You Know The Difference?

Do you know the difference between cannabis and marijuana? Many people still confuse CBD with THC and do not know the characteristics of either, which is why the word ‘cannabis’ still has a negative connotation - people tend to think of it as a drug that makes you high. So - what is the difference..

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Self-Care: What’s The Best Way To Look After Yourself?

When was the last time you took an afternoon off and spent some time by yourself? If you can’t remember, then it’s definitely high time you do it now. The fast pace of our lives often makes us forget ourselves and our needs; our everyday routine exhausts and stresses us, but most of all, it’s bori..

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How stress affects your skin

Stress seems to make the modern world go round. We have accepted it as an essential part of life and if someone is not stressed, they are an exception rather than the rule. Being stressed is normal these days, and somehow people have learned to live with this “normality” – but it is still responsi..

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We Offer A Solution For Sensitive Scalp

Itchiness, dandruff and excessive oiliness are just some of the many scalp-related problems that individuals experience. However, to improve the situation, we need to know why these issues are surfacing in the first place.Reasons for a sensitive scalp There are several causes of a sensitive scal..

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Did this email end up in promotions or spam? Let's change that!

Use these tips to move important emails to the Primary tab instead and make sure you are always up to date. 1. Option: right click The first way is to right-click on the email you want to move and select "move to tab" and then "primary".2. Option: drag and drop   Open Gmail and find the email..

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Prepare Your Skin For Spring In 7 Steps

Our skin is already exposed to stressful situations on a daily basis, which is further exacerbated by the changing of seasons. Summer and winter put the most strain on it due to either very high or very low temperatures. During the summer months, it’s constantly exposed to powerful sunrays that ca..

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New at Hemptouch - Gentle Baby Balm

At Hemptouch, we understand what a baby’s delicate skin needs, so we designed something new: Gentle Baby Balm, a very special ointment that helps a baby’s skin overcome daily environmental challenges, strengthens and softens it, and builds resilience for life. We’ve brought together a treasure tro..

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Your daily break can be your ritual

{id=131} March is women’s month, so we are dedicating this blog to all of you out there. This is when we women remember the path that our ancestors have walked and the path that we ourselves are walking this very moment. Don’t worry, this is not about feminism – it’s about raising awareness and nu..

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The difference between natural and conventional cosmetics

What are conventional cosmetics anyway? You have probably heard of the term ‘conventional cosmetics’ by now, considering it’s been appearing on the market with increasing frequency lately. It usually stands for low-cost cosmetic products based on synthetically derived ingredients that tend to have..

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