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Real stories

Biggest event of the year!

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She has been struggling with rashes for three years, and the only thing that helped was Hemptouch balm.

Marinka from the Upper Carniola region has been struggling with rashes on her hands for more than three years now. She has tried various products and was even treated by a dermatologist before she almost completely stopped using creams and ointments due to how ineffective they seemed to be. Afte..

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The Hemptouch team is bidding 2021 farewell

Hemptouch – the company that intertwines hemp and a team of thoughtful people through a joint goal, vision, and values. A group of diverse individuals who together create a team that matches perfectly! Just as hemp cannot reach its full potential when you remove even a single molecule, Hemptouc..

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The endocannabinoid system is a regulatory system you will find in every mammal. Just as we can feel the positive effects of CBD oil, the supportive effect of the hemp extract can also be felt by our pets. So, it’s definitely worth checking and giving our four-legged friends some natural suppor..

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Atopic dermatitis and psoriasis

Here at Hemptouch, we are dedicating the month of October to skin problems and real stories of customers who have found effective support for their skin in our products. In this blog, we want to bring you closer to natural solutions for restoring balance and to the path towards permanent solutio..

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My skin story - acne

Acne, oily skin, and skin impurities are the most common problem among teenagers and young people. In a short Instagram campaign, we asked our My Balance Skin Clarifying Duo users to tell us about their experience. The responses led to some of the best days ever for our team. The stories just flew..

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My skin story - eczema

A few days ago, the mother of a baby boy contacted us. She was so delighted by our products that she wanted to share her story with us. She also provided photos of her little boy, Luka, and his condition before and after. “I’m really excited and happy that we create such stories,” says Barbara,..

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Nutritionist, yoga teacher and our colleague Tanja: my secrets for a youthful appearance

We asked our colleague Tanja, what are her secrets for her youthful appearance. She is forty years old but does not look her age. She is definitely doing something right and we asked her to share her story of youthful skin with our readers.  Tanja, have you ever had skin problems in your li..

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