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Beauty Shortlist Awards 2024

Best New Launch (Beauty Product) – International, Winner: Hemp Blessed Cleansing Oil
Beauty Shortlist Awards 2024 Editor's Choice Winner: Skin Perfection Azelaic Serum

In a fiercely competitive global market, this achievement stands as a testament of our unwavering commitment to quality. The winning Hemp Blessed Cleansing Oil underwent rigorous evaluation by an international panel of experts, ensuring that it meets the highest standards.

COSMOPOLITAN Beauty Awards 2023– Winner

Awarded product: Moisturising Bright Essence

The most fragrant, effective, frequently purchased, and highly liked beauty products of the past year, according to the expert panel and readers of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Beauty shortlist award 2023 – Winner

Awarded product: CBD Hand Cream

The Beauty Shortlist Awards are independent, sponsor-free, and ad-free. They first came to light in the United Kingdom in 2012. Their purpose is to highlight and support exceptional natural, ethical, and sustainable brands that meet the highest standards.

Each entry undergoes a professional evaluation by three independent panels in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia, ensuring a completely objective and unbiased review.

Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards 2022 – Winner

Awarded product: Gentle Baby Balm

The award represents top-tested products for babies that are natural, organic, and planet-friendly, as well as products for beauty and maternal well-being. Entries for the awards are evaluated by an unbiased panel of experts, with no sponsorship or advertising attached to the awards. This unique and transparent approach focuses on "natural, organic, and ethical" values, ensuring an excellent experience for our users.

Free from Skincare Awards- bronze 2022

Awarded product: Gentle Baby Balm

Winners of the Best Free From Brand Award were chosen from all brands with three or more products in the Final. They were judged on: product performance among testers, free from attributes, brand ethos, diversity of product range, VFM, originality, eco / ethical credentials, regulatory compliance, labelling, and more. Medals won in other categories of the Awards are given in brackets.

Global Green Beauty Awards 2022 – Silver

Awarded product: Nurturing Face Cream

The Global Green Beauty Awards reflects more Eco Aware, Green, Organic, Natural or Sustainable beauty brands. From organic and natural products to sustainable packaging, the 2023 Global Green Beauty Awards celebrates the best in environmentally friendly, natural products and much more. Personal wellbeing is also reflected with our favourite green products which will keep you feeling healthy, comfortable or happy.

Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards 2022 – Commended

Awarded product: Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo

The award represents top-tested products for babies that are natural, organic, and planet-friendly, as well as products for beauty and maternal well-being. Entries for the awards are evaluated by an unbiased panel of experts, with no sponsorship or advertising attached to the awards. This unique and transparent approach focuses on "natural, organic, and ethical" values, ensuring an excellent experience for our users.

Beauty shortlist award 2022 – Editor's choice

Awarded product: Hemptouch Replenishing Antioxidant Face Oil Plum & Hemp Oil CBD Poppy Extract

Hemptouch_Shortlist Beauty Wellbeing award

Beauty shortlist award 2021 – Winner

Awarded product: CBD Oil Gold 1500 mg CBD

Hemptouch CBD drops 15% became the convincing winner of the Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards 2021 in the category Best CBD oil broad spectrum. This award celebrates Hemptouch’s CBD oil expertise and dedication to manufacture the purest and highest quality CBD oils in the wellbeing market. The awards are independent and unbiased, which means the products the judges love the most emerge organically as the ultimate winners.

Hemptouch_Shortlist Beauty Wellbeing award

Global Green Beauty Awards 2021

Awarded product: Intensive Lip Balm - Winner; Soothing CBD Skin Balm - Winner

»We've seen a shift in what consumers are looking for, and people are ever more conscious of not just what they are putting on their skin, but the ethics surrounding those products. How they are sourced, the ingredients, if they are organic, is the packaging natural? This is an eco-friendly, green and ethical beauty awards.” The Global Green Beauty Awards keeps this in mind with the product categories and is for those brands that want to reflect their greener ethos. We want to show you the best in environmentally conscious and cleaner products with our Global Green Beauty Awards.«opinion of the commission

Janey Loves 2021 Platinum Awards

Awarded product: Moisturising Bright Essence - Winner
Category: Facial Moisturiser/Balm

Free From Skincare Awards 2021

Free From Skincare Awards 2021

Awarded product: Moisturising Bright Essence – Bronze

This product intrigued me as I’ve never used anything with hemp/CBD before. Sinks in almost immediately and gives that peachy soft, smooth, feeling to the skin! It’s absolutely lovely. My skin also still feels lovely when I use this at night and wake in the morning. I’m impressed! This continued to perform over the month. Skin feels amazing and just seems to really like this product, drinking it straight in and putting it to work. I have peachy, bouncy, smooth skin! What’s not to love? It’s lovely — definitely one to add to the shopping list!« ~ opinion of the commission

Hip & Healthy CBD Awards - Winner

Best CBD face cream: Balancing Face Cream

Digital health and wellness magazine Hip & Healthy has hosted its first UK CBD Awards. They tested all the latest and greatest CBD products. Chosen by CBD-enthusiastic editors, from a variety of incredible brands.

»At first pump, this cream looks very different than your usual face creams as it’s bright greeny/gold! But don’t let that put you off as it has an amazing texture that effortlessly sinks into the skin, and is a great balancer of oils making it my go-to face cream when I am experiencing a break-out as it really works at keeping spots at bay.« ~ opinion of the commission

Free From Skincare Awards – Bronze

Awarded product: Balancing Face Cream

The Free From Skincare Awards, aim to celebrate the best in ‘free from’ skincare products — cosmetics ‘free from’ some of the many ingredients which consumers need or want to avoid, be it due to health issues, skin allergies, ethical concerns, environmental issues, religious sensibilities, personal preference, or other reasons. The awards are part of a family of free from awards, which includes the Free From Food Awards and the Free From Eating Out Awards.

Bizzie Baby Award – Gold

Awarded product: Gentle Balm

Hemptouch Gentle Skin Balm has been awarded Bizziebaby Gold Award 2019 within the following categories: Organic for Baby, Organic for Mum, Skin Care, Nappy rash Cream & Baby Body lotions. It received 5 out of 5 reviews and the official reviewers used it for their eczema, their baby's nappy rash and as a hand balm for soft skin. » As a sufferer of eczema it kept my skin soft instead of dry. This also cleared up my son’s nappy rash very quickly. I used this to help with my eczema and it kept my skin soft and moist instead of dry and itchy.« ~ opinion of the commission

Beauty Shortlist and Wellbeing Awards 2020

BEST CBD OIL Winner: CBD Oil Gold 1000 mg CBD

Hemptouch 10% CBD Oil was a clear winner in best CBD Oil category of Beauty shortlist Wellbeing Awards of 2019/2020. The winning title went to Hemptouch 10% CBD oil as the highest-scoring, expert-tested wellbeing product of the year. This award celebrates Hemptouch’s CBD oil expertise and dedication to manufacture the purest and highest quality CBD oils in the wellbeing market. The awards are independent and unbiased, which means the products the judges love the most emerge organically as the ultimate winners.

Beauty Shortlist and Wellbeing Awards – Best CBD Launch of 2019/2020

Awarded product: Pristine Forest Body Lotion

Marking 10 years of The Beauty Shortlist this year, the awards are 100% independent and global with 3 expert judging panels in the UK, USA and Australia. The Beauty Shortlist Awards have become one of the most trusted accolades in the world, celebrating the highest-ranked, most outstanding products by ethical brands on this much-anticipated list. Beauty Shortlist and Wellbeing awards reveal this year’s most loved, top-scoring beauty, grooming and wellness winners. 2020 was a record for the awards, coinciding with The Beauty Shortlist’s 10th anniversary and exciting new awards categories: CBD skin care and CBD wellness products. At Hemptouch we couldn’t be more proud: Pristine Forrest Body Lotion won in the Best CBD Launch category.

Beauty Shortlist and Wellbeing Awards – Editor's Choice

Awarded products: Soothing CBD Balm, Therapeutic CBD Balm

Beauty Shortlist editor’s choice category is a curated selection of the highest-scoring, expert-tested beauty products of the year, with two of Hemptouch balms receiving this honour in 2019/2020: Soothing CDB Balm and Therapeutic CBD Balm. The editor’s choice category recognizes excellence across product ingredients and formulations, high standards of eco-sensibility and puts these two balms on everyone’s beauty shopping list.

Bizzie Baby Award – Silver

Awarded product: Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo

»I used this on both of my little one’s hair and it was lovely. As I have a really sensitive scalp this was brilliant for me. Using this certainly left my little one’s hair looking shiny and clean. It made our hair look shiny all day. We all liked the aroma of this shampoo. Quality is excellent. I loved how it was amazing for sensitive scalps and made your hair feel clean.« ~ opinion of the commission

»I could instantly tell the difference between this shampoo and my previous cheaper ones I used to use. This gave a lovely natural herbal smell and was gentle to the touch. It left my son’s hair and skin nice and soft. I used this on my 3 year old and I felt it was effective in giving him soft, glossy hair.« ~ opinion of the commission

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Janey Loves 2019 Platinum Awards

Awarded product: Purifying Face Cleanser

We couldn't be more excited because Janey Loves 2019 Platinum Awards champion and promote no-nasties products: the absolute best in natural, organic and eco products. This puts Hemptouch on the winning podium with other amazing organic brands you might have in your household, like Weleda, Green People, Viridian and Better You.

CBD World Awards - Best Clinically Proven Brand

Hemptouch – Winner

This award acknowledges and recognises the manufacturers who have sought and completed clinical trials Achieving the most impressive results. The World CBD Awards recognises achievement and identifies companies that strive to stand out as clean, ethical and innovative. The competition will shine the light on those leading companies in the space, who exemplify best practice and ethical trading. Another aspect to the competition is exposure for those companies doing the right things, in the absence of regulatory standards in many jurisdictions.

Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards – Editor's choice

Awarded products: Gentle Skin Balm, Soothing Skin Balm

This award is near and dear our heart, because each product is tested, recommended and much loved, for mums, dads and their little ones. Beauty Shortlist’s Mama & Baby Awards recognize excellence across product ingredients and formulations, and were launched to honour high standards of eco-sensibility and ethics across a wide range of brands ranging from smaller independent artisan brands to the biggest natural and organic household names in the beauty and health industries.

Sublime Magazine - Good Brand Award In Recognition of Advancing Social & Environmental Sustainability

Hemptouch, Advancing Social & Environmental Sustainability

Sublime Magazine is the leading international sustainable lifestyle magazine. The Good Brand Award rewards and endorses lifestyle brands for engaging in environmentally and socially responsible business practices. Sublime Magazine believes in building a relationship between consumer and company, while highlighting companies that set an ethical standard for business models.

Hemp product of the year 2019 Winners of the Innovation Award 3rd place by European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)

Awarded product: Balancing Face Cream

Hemptouch Balancing Face Cream is a first ever skin care product formulated with a unique trilogy of industrial hemp extracts such as hemp hydrolate, Cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp seed oil. It brings a brand-new approach to the fight against acne and oily skin, proving that hemp is a powerful alternative to over the counter medicine.

Beauty shortlist award 2019 – Editor's choice

Awarded product: CBD Spray Chocolate 300mg CBD

»CBD is quickly becoming the new go-to natural remedy to take the edge of stress, sleep better or help with pain management...if you’re not keen on the plant’s natural taste, Hemptouch’s chocolate-flavoured CBD spray was one of our favourites in the 2019 Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards – a clear winner”– judge’s comment

Beauty shortlist award 2019 – Winner

Awarded product: CBD Oil Gold  500 mg CBD

»This CBD oil not only "magically erased" a constant twinge of pain I've had in my lower back, the first time I took it before bed I slept solidly through the night instead of waking up in the very early hours which usually happens« ~ opinion of the commission

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