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How to dose CBD drops and resin


Today, we won’t be writing about all the positive effects CBD drops have on our body; instead, we have prepared a short, clear summary about their dosing. We will address the differences in the dosage according to weight and age, as well as the problem the user wants to target. Continue reading to discover more about CBD dosing.

Following CBD dosing guidelines in countries with clearly defined use

Since CBD has the status of novel food in the European Union, there is a less research and guidance on use and dosage, and what does exist is slightly less accessible. We therefore sought information from countries where the use of CBD cannabinoid for consumption is clearly defined - legal and, as a result, widespread. CBD is legal in Japan, Australia, some US states and the UK, among others. Let’s see what they recommend.

Main criteria for determining the ideal dose of CBD drops

The dose that will have the optimal effect on the problem the user wishes to target with the drops depends on various criteria. The user’s weight comes first, followed by the type and severity of the problem they’re addressing, and finally the individual’s sensitivity to the CBD cannabinoid and other specifics of the organism.

Dosing CBD drops according to the user’s weight and the severity of the problem

The first and most important criterion when it comes to dosing CBD drops is the weight or body mass of the individual who will consume them. To this end, experts have prepared a table showing the daily doses of CBD according to the individual’s weight. In many cases, the tables are set up in such a way that they also provide information about the appropriate dose of CBD for the problem the user is addressing. Recommended daily doses here range all the way from 10 mg of CBD per day to more than 100 mg/day. Let’s look at an example of such a table.

The average daily dose of CBD is probably higher than you thought

As mentioned at the beginning of our blog, we looked for information on CBD dosing on the portals of countries where cannabis and CBD are officially recognised and legal to use and freely sell on the market. The independent English food agency Food Standards Agency recommends that healthy adults do not exceed a daily dose of 70 mg of CBD, which is about 28 drops of 5% CBD.

Not just how much, but what kind of CBD

The immense popularity of CBD in recent years has brought us a wide array of CBD products offered by different companies. CBD drops are still the most popular, followed by CBD resin and sprays, as well as gummies, chocolate and a range of other CBD-infused edibles. There are also differences in the extraction methods. In one of the previous blogs, we explained the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD drops. All these specifics, types of products, the extraction method, and also the concentration of CBD in the individual products influence what kind of an effect the product will have on our organism.

It is often recommended that the final dose of CBD be reached gradually

So far, we have learned what the appropriate final dose of CBD is, depending on the weight and the preferences, or the severity of the problem the user is addressing. Whether the final dose is relatively low (10mg/day) or high (100mg/day or more), it is important that the user reaches it gradually. This means that experts generally recommend that the starting amount of CBD drops should be similar for all users. It is usually recommended to start with low doses - up to 10 mg of CBD per day. The user should stick to this dose for one week and then increase it by 1x (if the desired effect has not yet been achieved). This continues until the final dose of CBD that will have the desired effect on the organism is reached. Of course, they advise that the table of CBD dosage according to weight and targeted problems be used as an aid.

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Every organism is different, so users should listen to their body first and foremost when dosing CBD drops

Every single organism is unique, and surely no one knows us better than we know ourselves. That is why self-observation is still the first and most important guideline for CBD drops dosing. This means that the user observes and listens to their body, which will tell them when they have reached the appropriate daily amount of CBD that suits the body and brings the desired effects.

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