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NEW! Bottles made from 100% Recycled Plastic


We have great news to share! From now on our bestselling products are packaged in bottles made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. The first step into a greener future was taken by our summer favourite – After Sun Elixir. Purifying Face Cleanser, Moisturising Bright Essence, Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo and Pristine Forest Body Lotion are now all packed in environmentally friendly, 100% recycled plastic.


A new life for plastic waste

Unfortunately, a great deal of plastic still ends up in the fields and oceans, where it destroys ecosystems and has a direct impact on the lives of people and animals. By using recycled plastic, we have prevented at least some of this waste from ending up as pollution and given it a second life. An excellent life in which it has the opportunity to store and protect our wonderful skincare products.

The production of recycled plastic has a lower carbon footprint

Besides the fact that our new bottles help clear the planet of waste packaging, the manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly too. Manufacturing post-consumer recycled PET plastic uses a quarter less energy than is needed to make ordinary plastic.

Packaging that meets the demanding standards of the food industry

There’s no need to worry about the hygiene and safety of our packaging, since our new environmentally friendly bottles are made to the highest standards of the food industry. Which is only logical, given that all our products are good enough to eat!

Grey packaging is eco-friendly packaging

Grey is the new green! It's on trend and on point. Packaging made from recycled plastic has a characteristic grey colour, which is the result of the waste plastic recycling process.

We have taken the first step. Many more will follow

Responsibility towards the environment is one of our core values and an important factor in all our decisions. We accept no compromises when it comes to selecting ingredients. All of them are natural, certified and of the highest quality. Our production chain is short and environmentally friendly. All our products are made locally, not far from our hemp field. Until now, our packaging has been made from recyclable plastic. We realise that this is not good enough. Having taken the first step towards sustainable packaging, we will continue on this path. We are committed to offering all our products in eco-friendly packaging that has the lowest possible impact on our wonderful planet.


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