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5 tips for insomnia


Sleep deprivation is an incredibly annoying condition we have all experienced at some point in our lives. Have you ever considered just taking a sick day after a sleepless night? After all, no one can get you out of bed on a day like this - not even your boss! And they probably haven’t gotten enough sleep either so we know working with them will be a nightmare. If we must deal with children on top of all of that too, we can only hope that at least they slept well, otherwise our day will be far too long and far too exhausting. In the end, we believe that this will be the last sleepless night we have to endure for a while, but if you struggle with that more often, we prepared a few tips for you.

There’s more than one type of sleeplessness

If you’re sleepy in the morning and you feel like you didn’t get enough sleep - or if you’re having trouble falling asleep and waking up during the night - you’re suffering from the most common sleep disorder: insomnia. We distinguish different types by duration:

  • acute insomnia lasts from one night to a week,
  • transient insomnia lasts up to three weeks,
  • chronic insomnia lasts longer than three weeks.

The causes for each of these can be different and the treatment depends on that, as well as on how severe the insomnia is. However, sometimes all it takes to get a good night’s sleep is to follow a few simple tips and tricks we compiled for you!


5 tips for a good sleep

1. Organise your biorhythm

Perhaps the best advice of all is to ensure a regular sleep rhythm. Its rules are simple, but often too strict for the dynamic lifestyles most of us lead in the 21st century, so remember: only good self-discipline will help you sleep through the night! Try to fall asleep and wake up at the same time every day and if you’re anything like us - meaning you hate your morning alarm - here’s an extra tip: in addition to your morning alarm, set an evening alarm too! When it rings, it’s time for bed – good night and sleep tight.

2. Eliminate pain and create a peaceful environment

It’s important that your bedroom is suitable for sleeping; that’s why you should keep it between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius even in winter, despite being tempted to turn up the heat. Make sure your mattress is comfortable too; after all, humans spend, on average, about 26 years of their lives sleeping. That alone proves it’s worth investing more money into a bed that soothes you instead of causing you pain. Physical movement also helps us ward off the pain and sleep better: we recommend you relax, stretch and enjoy a good yoga or cardio session regularly. But beware: do not exercise right before going to bed, because it can have the opposite effect and wake you up. Keep in mind that a healthy spirit is only present in a healthy body.

3. Reduce your intake of harmful substances

Let’s begin with our favourite: coffee. We believe coffee is the alpha (and perhaps the omega, too) of the day for many people. However, even though we love it and it wakes us up better than anything else in the short term, it’s the caffeine in it that significantly reduces our chances of settling into an effective and regular sleep schedule. We should also avoid other food and drinks right before bedtime, as they can disrupt our sleep rhythm. The latter can collapse due to the use of other problematic substances too, such as alcohol and cigarettes. It’s best to give them up at least partially - or better completely - to maintain quality sleep.

4. Increase your CBD cannabinoid intake

If we’re giving up certain things on one hand, it’s only right that we make sure to give our bodies the natural substances they need on the other. We already know that nature can help us every step of the way - even our great-grandfathers drank herbal teas to calm down before bed. But besides that, it’s worth mentioning CBD cannabinoid, a natural extract of industrial hemp, which is extremely effective in relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety, the most common causes of insomnia. The positive impact of CBD cannabinoid on stress and anxiety has been proven by several scientific studies, including one from 2019. We recommend CBD Oil Amber, which always gets overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback when our customers share their experiences with insomnia.

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5. Disconnect from the virtual world

Finally, we can’t ignore one of the most distracting factors that disrupts not only our sleep but also our daily life: that is, of course, the use of mobile phones and social networks. The consequences are many: the blue light emitted by these gadgets inhibits melatonin production, which can severely disrupt your sleep, and browsing content right before bed keeps your brain in standby, making it that much harder to fall asleep. It’s much better to say goodnight to your smart devices at least 30 minutes before going to sleep and dedicate this time to relaxing instead.


Fresh and rested into the new day

You don’t have to struggle with insomnia and wake up sleepy every day if you can help yourself get a better night’s sleep with a few tips. So, if you regulate your biorhythm, create a calm sleeping environment, leave your smart devices in another room, give up harmful substances and calm down before bed with the help of CBD cannabinoid, your nights will definitely be better! It’s time to sleep like a baby - only without crying and screaming when you wake up.

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