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A Love Letter to the Earth


There is a part of you in every one of our products: fragrant and soft, ready to bring freshness and health to sensitive skin. Earth, we love you every day, not only on your special day. But Earth Day is a good opportunity to declare our love.

The beauty industry needs to focus on sustainability

We know that the cosmetics industry contributes its share to environmental pollution. In part this is due to the use of harmful synthetic substances that we flush down the drain into groundwater and absorb into our bodies. Another problem is the microplastics contained in products, which are steadily accumulating in our oceans and in marine organisms. Packaging makes its own contribution to our environmental footprint, and the fact that we can throw it into the recycling bin after use is no longer enough. The environment has long been warning us of the need for urgent changes. And we have heeded those warnings.

We have been committed to sustainability since the very beginning. Last year we adopted additional measures that have helped further reduce our environmental footprint. We are proud of our achievements but are determined to go even further. Every decision we make will be taken with the planet in mind. We are committed to ensuring sustainability in all our operations, from the first hemp seed down to the end product.

Hemptouch Sustainability Stats

All Hemptouch products are certified 100% microplastic-free

We are proud to announce that we have joined the global Beat the Microbead campaign, which is fighting against the use of microplastics in cosmetics, and have received a Zero Plastic Inside certificate, which means that none of our products contain microplastics.

The campaign is run by the Plastic Soup Foundation, an organisation dedicated to fighting the contamination of the oceans and other environments with plastic particles. They also draw attention to the harm that microplastics can do to human health.

The use of cosmetic products containing microplastics can damage our health, the health of aquatic ecosystems and the health of future generations. Because of microplastics, the world’s oceans are turning into giant soups of plastic, and plastic particles are already present in practically all aquatic organisms.


Slovenia’s first NATRUE certified cosmetics

We are very proud that Hemptouch is the first cosmetics company in Slovenia to obtain NATRUE certification. Not only that, but we continue to be world pioneers in CBD cosmetics and our products are the first in this sector to be covered by the NATRUE certificate.

The certificate is an absolute guarantee that Hemptouch’s products are natural, healthy and safe.

NATRUE (the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association) is the promoter of an international standard and label for natural cosmetics. It is a non-profit association whose main goal is to unify the standards for natural and organic cosmetics. It was founded to restore and strengthen the trust of consumers who were finding themselves increasingly exposed to misleading advertising from manufacturers, many of whom were presenting conventional products as natural and organic and giving them misleading names.


Vegan since the beginning

We have never made any secret of our love for animals. We are all equal inhabitants of our planet. Every year Hemptouch is involved with new projects to help animals in distress and we cooperate regularly with various animal protection societies. We are proud that our CBD drops and creams have already brought relief to many of our furry friends.

All our products have been vegan from the outset and are certified by the internationally registered, globally recognised Vegan Trademark, which guarantees total transparency as regards ingredients and processes. All our ingredients are 100% vegan and our products have never been tested on animals.

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