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Hemp & CBD skincare

Skin problems in winter - How to treat dry skin

Cold and dry winter air outside and on the other hand high temperatures inside to keep us warm. Winter is the season that does not forgive our skin. Low temperatures and high temperature differences are the main causes of skin problems in winter. The skin needs a different care during the cold day..

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Why use a facial oil serum?

When it comes to selecting ingredients, we don’t make compromises at Hemptouch. We firmly believe that only the finest natural ingredients belong in our products. Something that is also confirmed by our latest offering: facial oil serum. In it, we’ve combined the magic of plum kernel oil, hempseed..

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The golden award for the innovation

Last week we headed off to 13th regional Chamber of commerce awards for innovation. We were up for award for innovation in skincare formulations, alongside some tough competition with 27 other innovative companies from our region in Slovenia, including Slovene’s largest pharmaceutical company Krka..

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Natural hair shampoo is gentle hydrolate shampoo

Our ancestors believed that hair was an energy conductor, which gave them a very special power. Nowadays, hair is primarily the crown of beauty and we use various products, which promise us fast results. In all the rush of expectations of perfection, however, there are more and more problems every..

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Natural cosmetics - be picky when choosing skincare products

It Absorbs! Your skin is like your second mouth, so choose natural cosmetics Ever since we know that our skin absorbs whatever we put on it, the importance of nourishing and nurturing the skin has become a paramount factor in the cosmetics industry. Users are becoming more and more aware that not ..

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Intensive Lip Balm and After Sun Elixir for the perfect summer care

Summer is a time when being in the sun can lift up your mood instantly. Nevertheless, even at this time of the year it is important that our skin is healthy and nourished. We have to take a complete care of the whole body, while not forgetting the sensitive skin of the lips. Lips are one of the mo..

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After Sun Elixir – summer caught in a bottle

Summer lies not only at the sea and at idyllic sandy beaches, you can find it anywhere; in the woods, by a nearby stream, in the home garden, on the mini balcony… Use After Sun Elixir and summer will accompany you just about everywhere. The oil after sunbathing evokes memories of summer even when ..

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The first ever NaTrue certified CBD cosmetics - the strictest certification of natural cosmetics

We are exceptionally proud that Hemptouch is the first ever CBD skincare range that has acquired a NaTrue certificate. The story of Hemptouch began in 2014 before hemp even began to appear in high-end cosmetics. The trilogy of hemp extract combined with carefully selected herbs proved an extremely..

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Moisturising bright essence - Inspired by Korean Beauty Rituals

Which product blurred the line between a toner and a serum, and why is the popularity of essences in cosmetics circles growing so rapidly? Read on to find out more. Let's start at the beginning!  Where has the inspiration come from for the use of essences? The three step basic skin care rit..

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Winning CBD Cosmetics - Beauty Shortlist Awards

We are honored and excited to share the happy news with you! This year’s announcement of the acclaimed British Beauty Shortlist Awards crowned four Hemptouch products. Our brand was taken among the top finalist for the flattering title of the best CBD brand. For the 10th year in a row, the Beauty ..

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